Freefall 1115

After dinner

You've been here a couple of weeks now. How do you like living on planet Jean?
Jean? The planet's name is Jean?
Sure. It's traditional. The first planets were named after the Greek gods. Mercury. Venus. Pluto. Mother Earth set the tradition for life bearing worlds to have female names.
And it's short. When you have to fill in a planet's name ten thousand times on terraforming paperwork, you want a short name.
Looking at it that way, we're lucky every human planet isn't named Bob.

Плакат на стене – “Титан после гибели Земли” (KALDYH)
Планета Боб – отсылка к вышеупомянутому мультфильму.
На самом деле боги были римские (Жирафик Рафик)
Точнее, их имена. Сами боги – импортные из древней Греции (Tambov)

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