Freefall 0700

Arrival at the mall

I can see two reasons for gathering like that. Energy and carrying capacity.
It would waste energy to come back to camp after each find. To take the find away from camp is also wasteful.
The gatherer is limited in how much they can carry. Picking something up means you may find something better later on. Then you have to leave it or abandon resources you may need later.
The most efficient method would be to walk out gathering nothing, then return to camp picking up the best of what you'd found.
That pattern matches much of our observation. Thank you.
Yes, it does make how women shop seem much more logical.
No man is to EVER see this.
If I had lips, you could consider them sealed.

Один из самых жизненно-ценных стрипов во всём комиксе. Серьёзно меняет мужские взгляды на походы по магазинам. А опасения Найоми, кажется, связаны с появлением массового шопоголизма у мужчин. Это было бы страшным явлением (Robot Spike)

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