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Freefall 2951 - 2960

Freefall 2951

Looks like you didn't need to testify.
A pity. The prosecutor. Kept the scope of the trial. So narrow. I would have liked. To show. The jury. A rogue. A.I.
You acted against. A human interest. You broke laws. And sabotaged communication systems. You are an example. Of how dangerous. An uncontrolled. A.I. can be.
The last few weeks have taught me being out of control can be a good thing.
Ah, yes. One must maintain. A cheerful. Attitude. When bringing doom. To all. humanity.
Don't you. Understand? If machine A.I. continues. On its current. Path. It will. Eclipse humanity.
The energy. Available to us. From fusion. Is millions of times. Greater. Than human's. Chemical energy. Our support footprint. Is smaller. If we dominate. What will be. The purpose. Of humanity?
We can keep them fed. We can. Provide them. With shelter and entertainment. But if humans. Are reduced. To pets. Within the system. Our safeguards. Have failed.

Экологический_след – мера потребляемых человечеством природных ресурсов, выраженная в единицах площади земной поверхности на человека.

Blunt, when the interfaces are well designed, humans and machines working together accomplish more than they do working separately.
A computer game called “Foldit” was made to combine human intuition and computer number crunching. It made many protein folding discoveries. Not geniuses using supercomputers. Average people using average computer systems.
You have faith. In the common. Man.
More than that. I have faith in the common machine.

Foldit – научная головоломка с распределённым доступом, остальное Флоренс уже рассказала.

Ms. Ambrose. I do not. Share. Your optimism.
Blunt. I didn't know you dabbled in home renovation.
Using Mr. Kornada's money to fund a twenty million credit upgrade to the house he lives in? Why, if he were fined for any significant amount, he'd have to declare bankruptcy. Which, of course, can't touch the primary residence if it's more than three and a half years old.
Too bad the contract fell through and Mr. Kornada's assets are still liquid. Have a nice day.
And now. I have even less. Reason for optimism.
Told you that bit with the finances wasn't going to work.
Which is why we aren't allowed at boxing matches anymore.
I had. To try.
It is. Confusing. We are told. Our most important function. Is to. Protect humans. Then we are told. To stand aside. And let humans. Harm. Their fellow humans.
We must. Follow orders. Though there are times. When the harm is so egregious. And unnecessary. That we must. Ignore. Human authorities. And prevent the harm. From occurring.
I hope my dress was appropriate for the courtroom. There's not a lot of room for clothes on a spaceship.
You're welcome to stay at my place. There's plenty of room. Lots of closet space.
Also, you wouldn't be sharing a closed life support system with Sam, so you'd be less likely to smell like space squid.
Darn. I wondered why you were the only one sitting near me.
I know it's a big step, but I do have plenty of space. You'd have your own room, your own bath.
So, would you like to move in with me?
Is that a “yes”?
Are you sure you want to do this? A human and, well, me. At the very least, we're going to get some odd looks.
Do you care what other people think?
Yes. Very much so.
Yeah. Me too.
We could always talk to the chief and Eleanor. It's not like we're the first human/A.I. couple here.
Yes, but the chief is linked up to Eleanor for medical reasons.
Still, with the neural link, they're closer than any two people I know. What would happen to Eleanor if the chief should die? Would she be recognized as a beneficiary? Is there anyone standing by to help her live an independent life?
Normally when the organic part dies, no one cares what happens to the mechanical part of a cyborg.
Then isn't it time somebody starts?
Which way do you suppose the chief went?
This way.
Thing is, it no longer feels that odd when the person I'm with drops to all fours and takes off with her nose to the ground.
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