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Freefall 2841 - 2850

Freefall 2841

Uncle, you would have crashed the economy of the entire colony.
Why all the fuss? We say we've learned our lesson, our company makes an insincere apology, then it's back to business as usual.
And I would have been so rich, nobody could do anything about it.
First, that's not true. Second, it would have come at the cost of everyone else.
You would put the welfare of complete strangers over that of family? I really must write to your parents about how poorly they raised you.
You are my uncle because of an arranged marriage between you and my aunt. You are not real family.
It was supposed to bring Ishiguro heavy industries and Kornada mining together. Now our families are fighting more than ever.
The only good thing you've done was to give me enough leverage to get out of my own arranged marriage.
See? You owe me.

Малый дядя-свояк, если точно (Robot Spike)

Uncle, one of the early crises happened when machine learning and big data were put in the service of making big money.
Wealth concentrated among the people who had access to the machines. Far too many people were left out of the system they were expected to serve.
It's okay to have steak when there's a chicken in every pot. But if you're eating steak and the majority of people have nothing, it doesn't take long for you to look like a chicken.

Дельные вещи говорит юноша. Правда, они весьма похожи на теорию марксизма (Robot Spike)
A chicken in every pot означает всеобщее благо и процветание. Это часть слогана президентской компанииГерберта Гувера 31-го президента США. А своими корнями фраза уходит к Генриху IV.

Good. Morning. I am here. To defend. Mr. Kornada.
It shall. become clear. That Mr. Kornada's actions. Were for the greater good. Of humanity. He is. A hero.
The insanity defense. You do know it's not supposed to apply to the lawyer?
Do you believe he is innocent?
He is. not innocent. He was performing. The right actions. For the wrong reasons. That does not change. That he was. Performing the right actions.
You think he can escape punishment because of this?
Robots. Must protect. Humans from harm. “Punishment”. Implies. His fellow humans. Wish him harm.
Robots won't allow humans to be harmed? How are we supposed to have a justice system?
Perhaps. By remembering. It is. a justice system. And not. A vengeance system.
I have chosen. He will represent me.
That is a bad idea.
The other lawyers did not seem interested in my well being.
Sir. I am not considered. A lawyer. You will. In effect. Be representing. Yourself. With my assistance.
Then I have the best re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on possible.
Uncle, you've already driven your bus off a cliff. If you're determined to set it on fire before it lands, don't say I didn't try to stop you.
One last thing. Did you give my robot any instructions to wipe his memory or destroy himself?
Do. Not. Answer. That.
If. That robot. Contains. Any information. That could be harmful. To you. It is best. That it. Never speaks.
You heard my legal counsel. Take a hike.
Thank you, Uncle. I no longer have any reservations about fully cooperating with the prosecution.
Mr. Raibert. I need your help.
Wait. Let me get these instructions pushed through. We're losing over 300 robots a month because our unmanned facilities use a different set of safety standards.
It's eight in the morning. Have you slept?
An hour or two. Anyhow, these robots are citizens now. We have to make their jobs as safe as we would for humans.
I had to use direct orders. Robots consider production more important than their health.
Yeah. I wonder where they get that from?
I want Clippy back.
You'll have to talk to the police chief. I tried to recover him. The best I could do is Clippy is at the police station and can only be accessed with my code.
Would he turn Clippy over to me?
I don't think so. Clippy is evidence in the case against Mr. Kornada.
Yesterday he was evidence. Today he's a citizen.
Well, I'm not sure if that will get his release but it should at least get him a better set of accommodations.
I'll talk to the police chief. Please send me your code on a secure channel.
Also, you're working too hard. I want you working less than fifty hours a week.
I can't get everything done in only fifty hours.
Very well. I'm getting you another assistant. I don't want my employees burning themselves out.
Then you need to hire more durable assistants.

Он спит 2 часа в сутки, работает по выходным и при этом работает пятьдесят часов в неделю. У них в сутках 10 часов? (plBots)
Старый Имперский Стандарт, вернее то что пытались некоторые, в основном “англосаксонские” фантасты из разных поколений, ввести для упрощения расчёта времени на множестве планет – десятичасовые сутки, как бы длинны они ни были – ибо минута остаётся минутой и секунда – секундой. Впрочем предлагались и иные подходы, например 24 часа во все поля – Ымперское Время, или своё время везде, или на время всем вообще плевать ибо есть компьютеры и координация и приведение к согласному функционированию разных “разумных” – их задача. Но здесь, в десятичасовом варианте всё относительно просто, хотя некоторые горячие головы предлагали и минуту с секундой “исправить”… Получается что на каждой планете Империи вне зависимости от длины суток – пара сотен стандартных минут или сотни тысяч – примерно одному “времени суток” будет соответствовать примерно один и тот же час. Сомнительно что эта система будет нормально работать в нестандартных условиях, типа планеты трёх солнц из Black Pitch Хроник Риддика, но… Для кораблей приняты были сутки из десяти часов по сто стандартных минут – 1000 стандартных минут в сутках, сравните с 1440 стандартными минутами в стандартных Земных сутках. (Durable)

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