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Freefall d0181

Freefall 1811

Edge and Blunt


Helix! Toss me one of those!

The humans are right. Parades are more fun with balloons.

Edge and Blunt



The world exists for one reason. To annoy me!

I'd become a hermit, but then who'd be around to appreciate my superiority?

Edge and Blunt


HEY! Commnet node! Move! I'm walking here! I'm walking here!

Non functional. Great. Stupid delivery human.

How many times do I have to tell Them? You can't leave dead bodies at our front door! You have to bring them inside or they attract scavengers!

Edge and Blunt


Hey, Boss! You here?


Whoa! I know the boss was unhappy about retirement, but I never thought he'd off himself.

Edge and Blunt


One week and three days left at the stupid warehouse job! One week and three days! And that's only if you're here to sign this job position over!

So what happened? Someone on our list make a pre-emptive strike? Felt their body parts would be better where they are instead of being properly inspected by Quality Control?

Stupid eight bits! Everybody wants their product line to be improved, but nobody wants to be the one who gets disassembled to do it!

Edge and Blunt


Something was trying to get at you. Setting your system flags back to read only. Clearing out the buffers. Hmm. Shutting your radio off. If this is an attack, they may be waiting for you to show up on line.

Powering up.

Another reason why I want this job. Where else can a guy like me with no formal training get to perform brain surgery on his boss?

Edge and Blunt


What? Am I? doing here?

It's alive! It's alive! It's alive! Ho, ho, ho! In the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be god!

Technically. incorrect. We are not. alive.

Speak for yourself, Boss. If I were any more alive, I'd need to use deodorant.

“Оно живое!” – отсылка к фильму “Франкенштейн”

Edge and Blunt


The last thing. I remember. was plugging in. last night.

I flushed your day memory. Any attack nasty enough for you to turn yourself off might have left remnants.

Thank you. for rebooting. me.

Don't go mushy on me, Boss. We need to find the guys who did this to you.

To prevent. a second. attack?

Yeah, but more important, to prevent an attack on me!

Edge and Blunt


What have you got there?

Sticky notes. They were. crumpled up. in my fist.

I suspect. I found them. in the box. from Ecosystems. Unlimited.

There may be. a relationship. between these. and the attack. on my operating system.

An optically delivered virus written on sticky notes? Man, that must be some tightly written code!

Edge and Blunt


Read it. Your radio is off.

The source. of the box. worries me. Ecosystems Unlimited. is. our manufacturer.

There may be. artifact code. built into us. requiring only. a key word. or picture. to trigger it.

How are we going to tell what it is if we can't look at it?

Edge. We need. a brain.

Don't forget! I brought you back to life! That means you have to play Igor!

Игор – помощник доктора Франкенштейна, немного повёрнутый на добыче мозгов (Robot Spike)

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