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Freefall d0020

Freefall 0201

A gratuitous shower scene


I still don't have the water systems fixed. What do you do when you need to get clean?

We have a stall outside where Helix takes a bucket and dumps water on your head.

A robot to dump water on my head instead of a person. How would I survive without these modern conveniences?

A gratuitous shower scene


This is it?

Yep. Our outdoor shower stall.

Made of the finest salvaged aluminum and state of the art mud.

Plumbing. The next thing I fix is definitely the plumbing.

We even have two water temperatures. Extra cold and freezing.

A gratuitous shower scene


You've got black stripes!

That's because your vision system is rated P.G.

Anything you see beyond that rating is automatically blacked out.


Do you suppose the P.G. rating extends to my tactile senses as well?

Helix, I don't know. But you'd better not even THINK about trying to find out!

THX 1138 – первый фильм Джорджа Лукаса. (Tambov)

A gratuitous shower scene


You're not used to washing outside, are you?

I was on a space station before this. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

You're missing a step.

The correct order is “lather, rinse, remove leeches, repeat”.

Oh, ick!

A gratuitous shower scene


Look. A raccoon.

Cute little guy. I wonder what he wants?

Your towel, apparently.


A gratuitous shower scene


Come back with my towel!





Ackpth! I've been blinded!

Sometimes you have to think fast.

A gratuitous shower scene


I can see again. Where's Florence?

Back on the ship.

Already? I didn't know she could run that fast.

So, what did she think of the leeches?

She wouldn't even try one. I told you they needed ketchup.

A gratuitous shower scene


That was embarrassing.

I've done a lot of things as an engineer, but I have never, ever, streaked my captain before.

This is one new accomplishment that's definitely NOT going on my resume.

Trip to “The Golden Trough”, the finest in bad cuisine


Humans can see color. Most humans like blue, so that's the color I'll set my dress.

Your dress is now BLUE.

In college, I once used hair dye to dye myself blue. Logically, it should have worked, but friends say I just looked weird.

Sigh. It's always difficult trying to appear attractive to a sense you don't have.

Trip to “The Golden Trough”, the finest in bad cuisine


You look nice.

Thank you, Helix.

Oh, no need to thank me. My self preservation routine prompts me to say that whenever I see a known female in a new outfit.

I did not need to know that.

It's evolution in action. Robots who give their honest opinion tend not to survive.

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