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Freefall 2980

The verdict

Part two. You are assigned to work at Cricket-Burger for one thousand days, a day being an eight hour shift. Only days you receive an “Above average” for your performance will be a day off your sentence. As a ward of the state, you shall have no direct order authority until you complete your sentence.
It is hoped that by living as so many of our more vulnerable citizens do that you shall develop empathy with the workers and understand that they are real people, not numbers to manipulate for maximum profit. This case is now closed.
Time only counts if he gets an above average on his shift? You've given him a life sentence!
I've given him an opportunity. If that is his choice, the option is available.

Пятидневная неделя = 260 дней в год без учёта праздников. Почти ровно 4 года, если он не будет дурковать на работе (Robot Spike)

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