Freefall 1429

Robot tailors and robot consciousness


Doctor Bowman was behind your release to the public. In his situation, would you have done the same?

No! Bowman's wolves were completely untested.

We were given away as pets. We might have been dangerous and we were given to families with children! I don't know how Doctor Bowman could have taken such a risk.

And yet, it all worked out. A situation we would perceive as unimaginably dangerous, and Doctor Bowman had it all worked out!

Okay, not a good time to destroy hope by suggesting he might be a sociopath.

Muffett is a robot Dagget из сериала Battlestar Galactica © 1978
Поясню идею Боумана. Что будет с человеком, который вырос в семье волков? (БТРкО)
Плохая аналогия. Собак выращивают в семьях людей много веков.

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