Furry Guys 0001

Cover, 1 chapter

[!2.8]Seasoned with mysticism
[!3.6]Do you want some engineering magic?


Hello, dears! I represent to your attention comic about here such guys - a Ursi (this is self these “fuzzies”). Comic for me is not the first, but the first in the publication.
The idea of a world inhabited by entities and exorcists smoldered for a long time and now found its embodiment in such a universe

Please be patient in the process of reading, as the universe of the comic is huge, the events in it will happen a lot and all, and no prior history it will be difficult to understand all the intricacies. I am not a supporter of issuing a bunch of information sheets, which few people are able to read thoughtfully and especially remember, so everything will be explained in the process.
And yes, we will improve the painting, do not judge strictly two self-taught

Happy browsing!

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