Nerf Now!! 1631 - 1640
Nerf Now!! 1631

Lets see how long I can keep the art going that way.

My predicition? 2 more days.

And taking about pest control, token decks are the rage now on Hearthstone. There is just not enough board clear to deal with 2, 3 and even 4 dudes being summoned every turn.

Nerf Now!! 1632

Looks like token spam (totems, dudes) is shaping to be the new meta in Hearthstone, and no number of aoe removal is enough to kill those fuckers.

I guess it's either Armor Warrior or Token Spam now.

But hey, Facehunter is pretty much dead so it's ok, right?

Nerf Now!! 1635

Want to play Phantom Pain, but it come bundles with Ground Zeroes…

Think of starting Ground Zeroes but ponder if I shouldn't just play all the numbered Metal Gear games, this always happens with me when jumping on a new series…

I read some reviews and looks like Groun Zeroes is a departure from the traditional Metal Gear routine, with a different stealth approach and a better ratio of gameplay-to-chat.

Perhaps just Ground Zeroes is enough, it do come with some extra perks for my future Mother Base on Phantom Pain…

Nerf Now!! 1636

The story is starting to take shape, lots of stuff here is groundwork for the future but I'm still trying to make it as fun as possible while exposing the plot.

Still haven't touched Metal Gear, between art and script I simply have no time outside doing some daily quests on hearthstone. :(

Nerf Now!! 1637

I kinda feel bad for Metal Gear fans. There will be more Metal Gears but Kojima won't be working on them.

They'll watch their series slowly erode into something bad and there is nothing they can do about it. Even worse the new Metal Gears will be «canon». Even worse Metal Gear lore is complicated and it will be easy to mess it up.

I think it would be better if the series had just ended. There is no way the next game will be well received.

Nerf Now!! 1638

Sorry for the late update, the art requirements just got higher and at some point I decided to just go to sleep and update it on saturday instead.

Some people been vocal about the way the story is going but it's not like I change the setting on a whim. I was running dry on good ideas to draw and a change was needed to keep things fresh. Now I have plenty of new ideas and can put the extra time in polishing the art instead.

Still, feel free to give your feedback. I'll try to keep an eye on it but this said, the change was needed after 1500+ strips of just messing around in an empty house.

Nerf Now!! 1639

Don't worry, the job saga continues, but as I always did on Nerf NOW!! there are breaks where I just comic about random game stuff.

And I'm yet to touch Metal Gear… I may need to put it like part of my job so I can excuse myself some time to do it.

Nerf Now!! 1640

Let me tell you something, everybody should get in here and go face.

This is one of the 5 secrets for winning in Hearthstone.

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