Nerf Now!! 1521 - 1530
Nerf Now!! 1521

Sorry for the short rants lately, too much work and the cats on top of that.

I don't think you guys want to hear stories about dozen scratchs and how fun cleaning a litter box is anyway.

Thus, enjoy the strip. :)

Nerf Now!! 1522

I been thinking of taking more care of my health and this means doing some kind of exercise.

Competitive sports are out of question, so is going to a gym.. perhaps I'll try pilates.. or yoga.

I tried Dota a little this weekend and lost so much MMR… I feel I'll never be good enough at Dota. I could blame the patch, or the meta but really, I'm just not that good at the genre.

Well, at least there is Hearthstone update with more burst damage to Facehunter.


Nerf Now!! 1523

On April 1st we celebrate the internet going full retard.

I feel it's almost impossible to trick someone about April 1st those days, the internet make you very aware the day is coming, and if you check the internet early (or late on the day before) you probably took notice.

Still, it's nice to see otherwise serious business doing silly newsposts, and give me an excuse to post today's strip.

In before someone ask for a visual represenation of today's strip.

Nerf Now!! 1524

Flying is unfair, we all should tackle our opponents in a way which negates our advantages while highlighting theirs.

And tomorrow Blackrock is launched. I expect a whole new brand of cheese to arise, probably coming from Warlock or Hunter.

I'm on something like a 10 game loss streak on Dota 2. I feel I'm really bad with the current patch and my farm is terribly bad. Doesn't help it seens everybody is getting better while I don't play as much to keep with the rest of the pack.

Game is hard indeed.

Nerf Now!! 1525

I think Dr. Boom and Emperor Thaurissian are 2 of the strongest cards in the game right now, and whatever deck can make best use of them will dominate.

I suspect Savage Force druid may take the cake, but maybe some crazy combo deck pops out there.. still, the being able to use innervate with cheaper cards just seen too good.

Cheaper Malygos + nukes new meta?

Nerf Now!! 1526

I'm having way too much fun with those strips, I hope you guys been enjoying it.

This said, perhaps it's time to go back to our regular schedule…

Nerf Now!! 1528

Lotsa people asked for my support for Shantae in the Brawl vote case, totally ignoring poor Angie fellings. :(

However, I doubt popular vote will be the sole reason to pick character A or B.

Let say the most voted character is Ryu from Street Fighter, a nice pick which fits the genre but imagine if Capcom doesn't want his character to star in Brawl, no ammount of voting will change it.

Also, if the character is too violent, too sexualized, too controversial or just a troll pick inflated by internet forums, they'll all not be allowed by big N, vote or no vote.

With this all out of question… can Shantae do it? I guess she has a chance. Surely other characters may be more popular, but depends of how invested their fans would be in getting them in Brawl and how annoying would be for Nintendo to get the rights of others characters.

Personally, I voted for Angie, but let's be a bit realistic here, Shantae is more estabelished and has more fans, specially on Nintendo consoles. Power in numbers and all of that.

Hey, at least Angie has her own game.

Right Minette?


Nerf Now!! 1529

My biggest flaw in Team Fortress 2 is… I am very bad at using the Sticky Bomb Launcher. I do very well with the Grenade Launcher and can MVP with demoman with just it but all goes south if I swap the shield for the bombs.

I'm so bad at demo I managed to learn how to destroy most sentries as a Heavy, which sometimes involve doing huge detours or exploiting sentries line of sight. If all fails I swap to Direct Hit soldier, kill the sentry and go back to Heavy.

So yesterday I decided to practice just a bit, using a vanilla loadout and of course a medic come from nowhere with a full uber and before I can say anything I'm invunerable and with only a marginal idea of what I should do.

Good thing demo is OP and we won anyway.

Nerf Now!! 1530

I don't expect many changes in the meta with the 2nd Blackrock wing open, but I've been wrong in the past. Perhaps Axe Flinger will change the way the game is played…

With all the wings opened though, I'm unsure facehunter will still be that strong, but again, I've been wrong before.

However, I feel mid-game agression with the new dragons may be the key in the future. Time will tell.

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