Nerf Now!! 1511 - 1520
Nerf Now!! 1511

I'm close to finishing Infinite so soon I'll list a new game for me to play.

It's a late update so I'll keep this rant short.

Enjoy the weekend people

Nerf Now!! 1512

So I finished Bioshock Infinte… I guess I gonna rant about it soon but it's late (early actually) and I want to post the comic asap.

Also need to find a new game… perhaps something a bit more indie this time, so help me choose it.

Going with a «2d plataform» theme on this one.

Nerf Now!! 1513

So, Bioshock Infinte is done and I guess some people want to know my opinion about the end…

Well, spoilers below.

When I found the game deal with alternate realities and possibly time travel, I just threw away any pretense of caring. I knew some «unexpected» thing would happen and was just rolled with the punches.

The end is «sad» but I didn't dislike it. I guess it was all about expectations. I knew something like that may happen and got myself ready for the worse. My main complain is the whole thing is kinda confusing, has most stuff involving time travel is, but I think I «got» it.

Different from Mass Effect, I did not invest one billion hours into it, neither I was led to believe I could prevent a bad end by collecting all voxphones or something, so the sad ending didn't affect me negatively that much.

Bioshock Infinite for me was not about the end, but about the journey. Enjoying Columbia architeture and the social critics within. The game has its flaws but it was relatively short and easy, and the overall experience was positive.

I could force myself to dislike it if I tried to focus on the bad but I prefer it to stay an positive experience, there is enough frowny faces those days anyway, specially toward videogames.

People suggested me to play the DLC but.. no thanks. I just read about the plot in the internet and while interesting, it's not enough for me to step into Rapture ever again. The 2 minutes you spend on Rapture near the end was enough for me to remind me why I disliked the original, plus they added stealth elements to it. Thanks but… no, thanks.

Plus, I prefer to move to a new game.

Nerf Now!! 1514

A last thing about Bioshock Infinte, which is common in many other games.

I really don't get why some games have so many different versions of basically the same weapon. The pistol, the hand cannon, the carbine, the machinegun, the burstgun and the repeater are basically the same weapon with different rates of fire. Usually the quicker the weapon, less damage each bullet does but the damage over time end up more or less the same.

If you mastered one of those guns, you mastered all of them and there isn't really much difference from using one or another. Honestly, I feel like I played the whole game with a single weapon.

Nerf Now!! 1515

After a short wait (in Valve time, 6 months is basically instant) we got our Faceless Void redesign.

To start, let me say I liked the old Void design. I was totally expecting to keep using the old model if the new one sucked, and was led to believe you could toggle between both.

The good news is the new model is basically the old one with small changes. Some tattoos, higher polycount, better textures and some small changes like the removal of the hooved feet.

The bad news is if for any reason you enjoyed the old model, you can't go to the old one anymore. You'll take your tattoed hooves-less time lord and you'll LIKE it.

Personally, I feel it was a wasted opportunity. The changes are too minor.

I believe Valve realized they could not change the model too much because this would create conflict with the old cosmetics and this would create a problem to people creating new sets which would need to decide which version they should pick when creating a new item.

However, for people who hates Zeus and Viper current versiond there may still be hope since they have no cosmetics and Valve is free to change his model totally.

Nerf Now!! 1517

Samus has money, looks and power and yet I have this feeling she broods alone for reasons.

I guess being raised by bird people does that to you. Thought like I said before I don't think she is the most developed character out there. As far as I know she may even be married with 3 kids.

Nerf Now!! 1519

The vote between Mark of The Ninja and Shantae was so close I decided to just make a very, very silly crossover.

Ninjas and genies… this can totally work.

Nerf Now!! 1520

I think this is one of the silliest things I ever wrote.

Mark of the Ninja is a pretty game, even if you don't want to play I'd suggest to check some speedrun of it, it probably beats watching Naruto.

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