Nerf Now!! 1471 - 1480
Nerf Now!! 1471

I decided to give the idea of adopting / buying a pet a real chance so I started to take the necessary steps for it

This saturday there will be a adoption drive for pets nearby so I'll go there and look around.

Until them I decide to check the closest park available for all dog shenanigans and the closest one is 15 minutes away, which is not great, but it's a «dog park» which IS great.

Even if I don't get one I may go there just to play with other people's dogs. They were adorable.

Oh, and in Hearthstone related news I reached 500 victories with Huntard and got my golden border. Spot in hell earned, bring out your dead folks!

Nerf Now!! 1472

Isn't horrible when you finish the game on time but the internet falls down and you can't update it??

Nerf Now!! 1473

I like buying games on Steam. It's practical, easy and many times, cheap.

However, any visual novel / eroge on Steam will be censored. Honestly, playing a censored eroge is like playing Mortal Kombat without gore, it's just not the same thing.

So I need to either pick between buying it outside Steam (hassle) or buy it on Steam and patch it (another kind of hassle). I'm the kind of person who doesn't even mod game because I prefer to spend my time playing, not tweaking sliders and moving files.

Still, I ponder if the inclusion of censored eroges on Steam isn't Valve slowly moving toward having an adult section in the future.

Nerf Now!! 1474

Deus Ex is extra stingy with it's ammo. I got it, its a stealth game not a rampage simulator, I'm not supposed to walk down the street and gun everybody down.

But when you find a cache with some nice, juicy ammo boxes, it's kind of silly for each have 3 or 4 bullets.

I know, I know.. ammo boxes are easier to see in the ground than single bullets. Still silly. I think I looted single bullets from sniper ammo boxes. A full box for a single bullet! It's probably some hipster bullet made by PinApple Corporation.

Nerf Now!! 1475

One of the explanations I had for how Jensen can travel those air vents so well is he had detachable limbs and he would just slitther inside like a snake.

However, he can still shoot while doing it so I ran out of ideas. Some of the guards even point you would need to be a midget to travel those tunnels.

Turning into a duck is as possible as breaking the laws of physics to fit there. I personally prefer the duck option.

Nerf Now!! 1476

A common limitation of stealth game is enemy sight range, to compensate, enemy hearing usually go further than sight.

Usually this isn't a problem because the game doesn't have huge empty spaces but from time to time you find situations where you feel like the enemy army is half-blind.

This create a scenery where you can walk in plain sight of an enemy as long as you are a far away and moving quietly.

Well, ducking makes you move silently but the end result for the player is «if I'm ducking enemies can't see me». It's almost like you turn invisible or something.

Ducking Op.

Nerf Now!! 1477

Hi folks

This post will be mostly Patreon related.

The January wallpaper is finished, I'm just doing some small tweaks here and there but I'll upload it shortly.

I also like to announce something extra…

As you may have noticed, I stopped accepting comissions. It usually takes too much time to be worth it but I do miss drawing something extra, specially more spicy stuff so I come up with this idea… the Cheesecake Gallery.

Every week I'll pick some girl (from the comic or gaming in general) and do a pin-up. The pin-ups will not be overly sexual, but tasteful and attractive.

The pin-ups will be split among the various Patreon levels, as so :

3 USD gives you a nice slice, with 1 pic per month

5 USD awards you double the fun, with 2 pics per month

10 USD nets you the whole pie, with 4 pics per month.

As you can see, the higher tiers will get a bigger slice of the cheesecake. Please check my Patreon here and a free sample of sweet fanservice here.

Bon appetit.

Nerf Now!! 1478

I don't think Blizzard wanted to nerf Undertaker, but I also think they had no choice.

The Undertaker nerf solves the «1 turn win» problem where if you didn't draw (and use) a nuke on Undertaker the turn he reaches the table he'll snowball out of control.

Yes, eventually you could kill him by sacrificing 3 or 4 cards for it but now you lost board control and 15+ health points. If you were fighting an agressive deck like Hunter he could just hero power you down from this point foward.

However, now Undertaker is out this means slower decks have less things to worry. The meta will change and other balance issues may arise. Yes, Undertaker losses were annoying, almost worth a instant concede BUT the players to deal with early game agression

The 10% bullshit loss may be gone, but I feel some specific decks will win now with with far more consistence because they can ignore the early game since there is nothing there to contest them.

Whatever, I have a Dr. Skill now anyway.

Nerf Now!! 1479

Dr. Boom is SO good if Hemet Nesigwary ability was «Destroy Dr. Boom and his Doom Bots» he would be more popular than he is right now.

Nerf Now!! 1480

Poor Angie just wants to make people happy.

And I'd like to take this time to thank all you guys who support me thru Patreon. I should probably make this post at the 2k milestone but I'm truly happy with all the suport I got so far and see no reason to wait for a round number to show my appreciation.

Art is a complicated career. There are the insanely rich pop stars and the stereotypical starving artist, but the middle of the road isn't common.

Most people will quit at some point because you simply doesn't make enough. I ran with a super light wallet for years, choosing a spartan life and hoping for the best because I simply love what I do and I'm glad you guys enjoyed it enough to support it.

So, thank you guys, I won't be here without you.

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