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Nerf Now!! 1341 - 1350
Nerf Now!! 1341

If I was a console player, I'd be all over Monday Night Combat when it was released, but it arrived on PC late (it was a Xbox Live game) and at this point TF2 was going at full force with nice updates.

Both games were too similar and I end up sticking to the one I knew, it's a pity, really, because I think MNC was a good game.

Nerf Now!! 1342

I'm fairly sure at some point, the whole movie idea was abandoned and what we are seeing now is basically a new movie.

I think the focus on «warcraft» instead of «world of warcraft» may signal a change about making it less about the MMORPG, more about the universe.

The game may be horrible or be amazing, but the photo of the logo is the 1st sign I had the movie is actually being made.

Nerf Now!! 1343

Once upon a time, games were about reaching the end of the stage, stomp some critters, sometimes with a princess in the end.

Now every game has it's own in-game leveling system apart from the game itself. There is always something demanding your attention: one more level, one more achievement, one more tier of digital glory to be conquered and forgotten the next minute.

I'm glad I'm not the completionist kind of guy, because would be frustating to get 100% of everything on every game out there.

Nerf Now!! 1345

If I could pick someone a cosplay, I'd pick Ryuko probably. I would even tell it would be impossible to pull out if I hand't seen photos.

Never doubt the drive of a tentacle fighting for love, justice and fanservice, Jane.

Nerf Now!! 1346

Geez Jane, you should cut your losses and quit while you were ahead, or at least had some cloth pieces to bargain.

Nerf Now!! 1348

Morgan is an stoic, strong willed woman who needs no rescue.

Except on this video of course.

Nerf Now!! 1350

Some time ago, before cosmetics and DOTA TV, a game update means either a new hero, or balance changes, sometimes both.

Now, an update most likely will be new hats, which is nice and all but hardly as interesting as having a new hero to play.

But hey, at least they fixed the respawn sound bug.

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