Nerf Now!! 1641 - 1650

Nerf Now!! 1641

While I joked about using a credit card to win in Hearthstone, as far as card games go, it is very affordable.

Many of the most popular and effective decks have mostly commons and rares. Patron Warrior deck, considered the strongest deck for months, don't have a single legendary.

Still, you'll need SOME key cards to make the deck, and you may not be able to make a «meta» deck if you start playing toda. Paying for it just cut a lot of corners, thus the credit card joke.

I usually spend 80 USD on every expansion but Hearthstone is one of my main hobbies right now and I like to create fancy (and useless) decks. My most effective deck was the old Deathrattle Hunter which I played when I was F2P and funny enough, Hunter was the deck I had NO epics or legendaries.

Probably the most fun you have on Hearthstone is when you are juuuuust starting and any pack give you 5 new cards.

edit – There is a legendary on Patron, Emperor Thaurissian, but it's a Blackrock legendary so you pay for the wing instead of crafting it. I should had said crafted legendary though, my bad.

And thus, the cycle of pain and netdeck start anew…

Unrelated, but I think you guys heard about the new Pokemon Go. I'll save any comment for perhaps a future comic but I just want to point this is a Nintendo game running on a non-Nintendo platform. It may be a long shot but perhaps this is Nintendo first step into lauching their stuff on other consoles.

Personally I'd love to because while I want to play Mario Maker and Mario Kart, I have no interest on buying a Wii U just for that. While I'm not exactly hopeful the future is uncertain and stranger things happened.

The problem of living alone is any small problem which happen may delay the comic.

There is a small wound on my cat head, it's probably nothing but I'm playing safe this time and paying the vet a visit. In the future I'll be more experienced and know what kind of feline problem I should care or not.

Anyway, enjoy the comic and weekend!

Even with Jane discarding the notes I feel the Frog of Ice will throw something to use very soon. Reborn is launched and the Majors are not that far away and people need a new hero to insta-pick and hate.

I expect Pudge to be the new flavor of the month, the hero is popular and been out of the meta for ages and, really, it can't be worse than Techies.

I'm glad I'm keeping the quality on the comic but now I'm one picture late on Patreon…

Need to manage my time better now.

Decided to play a little Overthrow since it remind me of an old Dota mod called Hero Arena and found it pretty fun. Since I'm super rusty I just played Venomancer and spammed ward and used my ultimate when it was up. Won all my 3 matches with this simple strategy, ending usually with 2 or 3 deaths and 60+ assists.

10/10 would spread the plague again.

I did the big mistake of being happy with the last page and saying it… when this happen someone will be sure to find flaws, real or imagined, on your work.

Lesson learned. :)

I heard about Warhammer Regicide, which is basically Warhammer Chess. I found the concept boring… like a chess simulator with some nice kill cams until i found it's just BASED on chess, but not play like chess. Your units have special attacks and stuff like that.

Interesting… maybe it's time to P4R some xeno scum.

Dota elimination mode from Moonduck Studio relighted my interest in pro Dota.

The regular, post Ti pro dota right now extremely stale. The same heroes, the same bans, the same strategies. It's like I'm watching the same game over and over.

Until there is a patch I don't think I'm going to watch any pro game outside the Elimination Mode tournament.

Ez job, ez life..

Looks like Dota 2 balance patch is coming next week, and Lesharc reign of terror is going to end.


I tried a little CS: GO today and while I'm not saying the game is bad or anything, I'm surprised of how popular it is. I understand why Call of Duty is popular even though I don't like it but Counter Strike is a mistery. It's a hard game with lots of downtime and yet it's the most played game on Steam. Why CS and no any of the dozens other shotters out there?

Perhaps ease of access and being casual is overrated since the top 2 games on Steam (dota and cs:go) are both complex and not newbie-friendly.

Overthrow is turning into my main form of Dota right now. It has what I think it's fun (team fight, picks and counterpicks itemization) but without what I find boring (farming, complaining about courier / warding). At worst is a way to train your teamfight ability.

If I find more people to play maybe I'll also try the «United We Stand» custom mode too.

I finally reached Rank 1 in Hearthstone and now I'm too afraid to play and lose my hard earned star.

If I ever reach Legend, I'll probably stop playing constructed until they nerf Patron.

p.s. Fuck Patron.

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