Nerf Now!! 1561 - 1570

Nerf Now!! 1561

Wait, if Angie is tied to the chair, who drew the last panel? Who gonna draw the next strip? What will happen next?

Tune in tomorrow to know!

p.s. Every time I think in starting Witcher 2, or any long game, I feel intimidated. It looks like such commitment.

At least I got a Witcher 1 end-game savefile (thanks David)

What if… Jane wrote Nerf NOW!! instead of Angie?

You would have more shooting and pwning, for sure, but perhaps the plot would suffer a little bit.

What will happen next now Angie isn't in control of the comic? Turn tomorrow to know!!

You know, there were whole cartoons based on this simple premisse.

Though I don't think Nerf NOW!! would survive by spy failure alone, good thing tomorrow another girl will take the pen!

Tune tomorrow to know which one!

While this mini-arc have been fun and challenging to draw, the sad truth is they are less popular than my usual stuff.

Not-so-Fun fact – The last Dota 2 strip, followed by the Hearthstone strip,was not only popular, but was the most popular Nerf NOW!! strip this year, with three times the ammount of readers this arc been having.

Still, I don't want to be just a Dota 2 (or TF2) only comic, but there is no denying those strips are insanely popular. I'm basically refusing money when I decide to not draw them.

Don't worry Morgan, 200 years from now your strip will be seen as the apex of gaming humor.

Sadly, you'll probably never profit from it on your time.

Wow, the trailer of XCom 2 is amazing. It really setup for a interesting game.

Honestly, I'm pumped. I always feel the Earth government was grossly incompetent on those games, basically making you beg to save them, so being able to finally kick their asses seems only fair.

I spent all my hype on XCom 2 and can't give a hoot about Fallout 4.

I just hope they give it a new engine so the robotic bodies and plastic faces are gone.

Splatton is nice and it's killing myself I can't comic about it because of this arc. I want to draw cute Inklings!

I feel I should make a long rant about Mighty 9 and why the classic Megaman gameplay by itself won't hold on modern days.

However, right now, I can say I never liked the 3d grahpics they are using. Call me old-fashionable, or hipster, but I enjoy my pixels.

Even if you don't want to go with an 8-bit looks, there are lots of good stuff you can do with 2d graphics, like Mark of the Ninja, or Skullgirls.

3d graphics on 2d games never appealed for me. Because you have a fixed camera, you can do some super nice animation to give the character life. but 3d will look lifeless in comparision.

I also feel most2d games do a better job in separating the action on the foreground from the background scenery.

I could go on, but I think internet's honeymoon with Might. 9 is over, and there will be lots of negative criticism coming from this game on the coming months.

p.s. They also picked an ugly Roll.

The girls better behave, because I really don't want to drag Zone here to make a strip. He is a busy person!

Now we can go back to our regular schedule and boy, this «short» arc took too long to finish, which is what always happens with any kind of arc, really.

Anyway, I want to rant about the Megaman-clone Mighty 9, this will be a long rant so I'll break it in multiple parts on the coming days.

To start, let me explain why Megaman got so popular.

Long ago, on NES age, we didn't had dozens of new games being released every month. The selection was few and depending of the genre, you didn't had much to choose at all.

Good games were even more rare. Quality was all over the place and some games used to be so bad simple things like «good controls» used to be a praised on gaming magazines because sluggish, hard to control characters were a thing. Go play the original Mario to have an idea of what I mean.

Megaman whoever, was a solid game. Good music, good controls, colorful and varied scenery, different enemies and a lots nice little perks for it's time. You had freedom to pick whatever stage you prefer, you could steal Robot Master weapons and use them.The game even had some cutscenes and a semblance of an story! WOAH!

Keep in mind when Megaman launched, not long ago we were playing Pac-Man and Galaga, games with just a bunch of the same enemies on a black background.

Basically, Megaman had Blizzard / Valve quality for it's age and this helped build its legacy. A Megaman game was sure to delivery solid, fun gameplay and people had a blast with it.

This, however, was 20 years ago…

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