Домен оплачен, большое спасибо!!
Nerf Now!! 1625

Dungeon of the Endless is a curious game.

I can't say I really enjoy the way the game plays, the RNG can fuck you up hard, and I dislike how when you open the next door monsters appear from outside the screen and there is no way easy way to deal with the new waves of monsters without pausing a lot unless you want to trust your defense and hope for the best.

This said, I realy wanted to beat it a 2nd time just to know if my strategy of focusing on industry production would work and kinda does. 3 heroes with high Wit operating stuff gave me 2000 industry on the last map which made the room almost easy but I played it on the «too easy» setting so take this with a grain of salt.

However, the game is too frustating and long for me to play on «easy» so I call it a victory. I guess on harder setting building a proper kill zone with a mix of a strong hero and right turrets is vital, as opposed of my strategy of having every room lighted up and with multiple turrets.

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