Nerf Now!! 1571

Today's comic was co-written by Brad from Blasternation. Go pay him a visit and demand him to release more Rin / Ash stories.

Now, keeping one with my analysis of Megaman downfall…

Like I said, Megaman used to be a top game, but this was 20 years ago.

Megaman gameplay is painfully basic those days, it's a relic from when controllers had 2 buttons and hardware limitations would prevent you from having more than 4 things moving on the screen.

Castlevania, another old game with similar gameplay, reinvented itself with Castlevania X by turning the game into a exploration game with a huge map, multiple collectible and beautiful graphics.

Meanwhile, Megaman gameplay is mostly about jumping. Even shooting isn't much important outside bosses because you have such a large HP pool ignoring the enemies and pushing foward is a viable strategy.

Sure, I enjoy Megaman , but I know there is nostalgia running there. The basic gameplay mechanic is basically jumping and moving. Once you master it, and you may had mastered it on the previous games, the game turn very formulaic. You don't get a new move or ability to master and use in conjunction with your old abilites.

Yes, you do get new weapons but since they cost energy (and changing weapons is cumbersome and not nedded outside bosses) you just stick with the main basic arm cannon for most of the game.

Mighty 9 looks just like old Megaman. You jump and shoot, but the nostalgia of seeing the character from your youth isn't there. The graphics aren't nothing special, polished maybe, but hardly revolutionary. I know nothing about the music but lets just say they will have a high standard to reach.

I don't blame Inafune for the bland gameplay though. He promissed Megaman, he needs to deliver Megaman and any deviation from the formula would bring lots of criticism. I blame him, however,by how different the game looks (visually) from the original. The nostalgia, for me, is not there.

Without the nostalgia to shield Mighty 9 from criticism, all is left is to judge the game as any other 2d platform and the it just doesn't look that interesting from the trailer.

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