Домен оплачен, большое спасибо!!
Nerf Now!! 1570

The girls better behave, because I really don't want to drag Zone here to make a strip. He is a busy person!

Now we can go back to our regular schedule and boy, this «short» arc took too long to finish, which is what always happens with any kind of arc, really.

Anyway, I want to rant about the Megaman-clone Mighty 9, this will be a long rant so I'll break it in multiple parts on the coming days.

To start, let me explain why Megaman got so popular.

Long ago, on NES age, we didn't had dozens of new games being released every month. The selection was few and depending of the genre, you didn't had much to choose at all.

Good games were even more rare. Quality was all over the place and some games used to be so bad simple things like «good controls» used to be a praised on gaming magazines because sluggish, hard to control characters were a thing. Go play the original Mario to have an idea of what I mean.

Megaman whoever, was a solid game. Good music, good controls, colorful and varied scenery, different enemies and a lots nice little perks for it's time. You had freedom to pick whatever stage you prefer, you could steal Robot Master weapons and use them.The game even had some cutscenes and a semblance of an story! WOAH!

Keep in mind when Megaman launched, not long ago we were playing Pac-Man and Galaga, games with just a bunch of the same enemies on a black background.

Basically, Megaman had Blizzard / Valve quality for it's age and this helped build its legacy. A Megaman game was sure to delivery solid, fun gameplay and people had a blast with it.

This, however, was 20 years ago…

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