Nerf Now!! 1537

Invictus Gaming won The Summit redemption vote, ensuring their spot on the competition.

I expected Alliance or Na'Vi to win, because last year Cloud 9 won, perhaps pointing a certain bias of the public for a western team in the vote. To my surprise IGwon.

People are saying the votes were split between Alliance and Na'vi so a chinese team got the brunt of the chinese votes but IG by itself got 43% of the votes, if we removed one of the other teams from the poll chances were enough of the remaining votes would flow to IG anyway.

So, grats to IG for making it. Honestly I wish Na'Vi or Alliance won because they could join panels and give some colorful comentaries about the scene but the people spoke, and their said they want IG.

I guess promissing that maid cosplay make all the difference.

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