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Nerf Now!! 1528

Lotsa people asked for my support for Shantae in the Brawl vote case, totally ignoring poor Angie fellings. :(

However, I doubt popular vote will be the sole reason to pick character A or B.

Let say the most voted character is Ryu from Street Fighter, a nice pick which fits the genre but imagine if Capcom doesn't want his character to star in Brawl, no ammount of voting will change it.

Also, if the character is too violent, too sexualized, too controversial or just a troll pick inflated by internet forums, they'll all not be allowed by big N, vote or no vote.

With this all out of question… can Shantae do it? I guess she has a chance. Surely other characters may be more popular, but depends of how invested their fans would be in getting them in Brawl and how annoying would be for Nintendo to get the rights of others characters.

Personally, I voted for Angie, but let's be a bit realistic here, Shantae is more estabelished and has more fans, specially on Nintendo consoles. Power in numbers and all of that.

Hey, at least Angie has her own game.

Right Minette?


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