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Nerf Now!! 1506

While it looks like I'm nowhere close to playing Overwatch, we got the teaser of 2 new heroes.

The first time I've heard about Zarya, the description of «bodybuilder woman with pink mohawk» turned me off, until I actually saw the model/

It actually not that bad.

Maybe if she was a traditional hottie with slim waist I would like it better, but it's hard to know without seeing it, and given there is no shortage of this kind of girl Zarya win points just for being different. In comparision, I always forget about the flying medic girl exist.

However, I've seen some people point she is the «stereotypical russian butch girl» and I like to point Overwatch have no shame in picking tried-and-true formulas. The asian archer and the cowboy are as cookie-cutter as it gets so I don't get why the problem with Zarya.

There is the problem of sometimes trying too hard to be an unique and special snowflake and making your character an Aztec Vampire 2-headed Cat just to be different.

People would say she is a female Heavy Weapon Guy anyway, may as well roll with the punches and don't even try to hide the obvious TF2 influence.

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