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Nerf Now!! 1477

Hi folks

This post will be mostly Patreon related.

The January wallpaper is finished, I'm just doing some small tweaks here and there but I'll upload it shortly.

I also like to announce something extra…

As you may have noticed, I stopped accepting comissions. It usually takes too much time to be worth it but I do miss drawing something extra, specially more spicy stuff so I come up with this idea… the Cheesecake Gallery.

Every week I'll pick some girl (from the comic or gaming in general) and do a pin-up. The pin-ups will not be overly sexual, but tasteful and attractive.

The pin-ups will be split among the various Patreon levels, as so :

3 USD gives you a nice slice, with 1 pic per month

5 USD awards you double the fun, with 2 pics per month

10 USD nets you the whole pie, with 4 pics per month.

As you can see, the higher tiers will get a bigger slice of the cheesecake. Please check my Patreon here and a free sample of sweet fanservice here.

Bon appetit.

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