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Nerf Now!! 1466

I'm sure now I don't like stealth games.

The problem isn't the sneaking around. I played Rogue in WoW and Spy in TF2 and had fun with it, the problem is single player stealth game many times makes no sense.

I killed 1 guy, run away for some minutes and suddenly everybody is back to their position. No building wide lockdown with a torrent of soldiers from all floors coming to my position.

So I can't think about it as stealth as much as I need to think about it as a puzzle with the game own set of rules. Some games focus on sound, others in line of sight.

Gunshots are heard only from some meters away, and not by the whole building and lets not talk about all the convenient air vents.

For me, it's totally unnatural. I know it's made that way so the game is playable, having the whole building plus SWAT coming to you because you shoot a bullet would be not fun, may as well throw a GAME OVER screen as soon as you are detected (some games even do it).

To play a stealth game first I need to learn the game rules, than I need to break the rules. Guards with short attention spam? Kill one by one. Sound only travel 10 yard? Feel free to throw grenades.

The dicotomy between realism with guards being alerted by corpses but not by a rocket explosion nearby just isn't for me. I need to divine what the developers want me to do, then do it.

I'll stick to run and gun.

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