Nerf Now!! 1452

That's it folks, thanks to your support and love Engie is back!

I'm elated by the Patreon and the game positive reception. At some point I really pondered just abandoning the idea. Engie's struggles were, in part, my struggles and insecurities but in the end it was all for the best. We both survived and believe, learned from the experience.

Some people asked for some screenshots of the game so here they are

Also, if you enjoyed the game you may want to pay Kyatt a visit. He helped me developing the game and also do comics. You can find more of his work, either game or art, on his site.

Let me thank all you guys who contributed to the Patreon. You guys are the best. The 1k milestone is around the corner so I may need to setup a livestream very soon!

If you guys have any suggestion for a new Patreon milestone, feel free to suggest anything.

For now, enjoy your favorite engineer back.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas


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