Nerf Now!! 1441

When Hearthstone was launched, I didn't pay it any attention so when I finally started playing it everybody had their decks full of epics and legendaries.

With Goblins vs Gnomes I decide I want to start on a more even ground so I decided to buy some decks.

So far it been very fun. GvG made the decks more varied. I expect battles to spiral out of control by turn 5 or 6, even more than it do now.

Of all new mechanics, the Spare Part one is probably my favorite. It really add a random element to the battle which I enjoy.

I'm using a Warlock deck now which feels so imba I expect some variation of it to pop-up on the decklists soon.

Tl;dr – I been having fuh with Hearthstone. Good job Blizzard.

p.s. Ok Valve, you can release End of the Line now. :)

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