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GaMERCaT 0273

May Update + Books Available!

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Hey everybody, I just wanted to give a quick update on how things are going. First off, the Volume 1 books are available in the shop! I am including the leftover sticker bookplates and/or postcard sets for free with all book sales while supplies last, so now's a good time to grab one if you're interested.

Want to buy? Get the book & more here: www.sugarbunnyshop.com/collections/gamercat

I have also been hard at work on Volume 2, and I'm happy to say that it's very nearly ready to go! I learned a lot from the first Kickstarter, so I'm hoping the one for Volume 2 will run much more smoothly. The book itself is pretty much done, but I still have to figure out and create a few more things like goodies and stretch goals. I'm hoping to be able to launch the project around July, so please keep an eye out for it then!

Updates are still on track to resume June 4th. Thank you again for your patience during this hiatus, it really does mean a lot to me <3

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