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Перевод на русский веб-комикса TwoKinds от Тома Фишбаха. Жанр - пушистые приключения. В мире Twokinds полно конфликтов на расовой почве, главным образом между Людьми и животноподобными Кайдрэн. У них абсолютно разные общества и мнения, как жить и как вести себя. Из-за этих различий две расы почти всегда находятся в каких-то конфликтах. История начинается, когда мир стоит на грани очередной войны. Однако, в отличие от предыдущих, эта война кажется является результатом действий одного человека, манипулирующего двумя расами для своей собственной выгоды - хотя у него больше нет памяти, чтобы сделать это. В комиксе есть три основные расы: Люди, Кайдрэн и Баситины. Однако большинство конфликтов происходят между первыми двумя.

У нас абсолютно верный перевод, поэтому можете читать без запинок и не проверяя текст заново. С ув. Мио Сита.

Комикс выходит, 1009 + стрипов
Перевод приостановился, готово 1-42, 53, 156-159, 402-409 >25%
Разметка 1-186, 278-285, 402-409
Теги 402-409


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Трейс Легаси
Пол: Мужской
Возраст: 24
Класс: Маг, Великий Тамплиер
Раса: Человек
Языки: Человеческий
Личные качества: Трейс обычно дружелюбен, застенчив и немного наивен. Однако его личность резко меняется, когда к нему возвращается память.
Родился в бедной фермерской семье, однако его талант к магии был быстро замечен и в юном возрасте Трейс поступил к Тамплиерам. Он продвигался в карьере and eventually took over the organization as Grand Templar following the death of his first wife. Он быстро прославился как тиран, пугающий и людей, и Кейдран. Его впечатляющая сила позволяла преодолевать любого, стоящего на его пути. Однако у него были украдены его воспоминания, along with his deep-seeded hatred for Keidran. He now travels alongside Flora, a Keidran he befriended in ignorance to the ways he once thought of them. Однако к нему постепенно возвращается память, а с ней и знания из прошлого, которое лучше было бы не вспоминать.

Флора из племени тигров тропического леса
Пол: Женский
Возраст: примерно 11
Класс: бывший раб
Раса: Тигр Кейдрен
Языки: Человеческий, Кейдрен
Индивидуальность: Flora is outgoing and strong-willed, но также и романтична. Её мечта с детства - найти «истинную любовь».
Flora was born in the southern rainforests of her tribe. However, at the age of three her home was attacked by slave traders. Her parents were killed and she was sold into slavery. Flora was lucky enough to be reluctantly purchased by a friendly human family, who chose to make her an indentured servant to pay off the debt. She has no memory of the day her tribe was attacked.

Flora was eventually release from her servitude early and allowed to return to her people. Due of her knowledge of human nature and language, she was chosen to be a representative of the Tiger Clan and a marriage was arranged between her and a prince of the Wolf Clan. The arrangement fell through, though, when her caravan was attacked. She was saved from the human attackers by Trace, who had just recently lost his memories.

keith.jpg Кит Кайзер
Пол: Мужской
Возраст: 19
Класс: изгнанный воин
Раса: Восточный Баситин
Языки: Кейдрен, человеческий, Баситин
Индивидуальность: Keith acts serious or indifferent most of the time. However, deep down he's really caring and protective.

Keith was born on the Basidian Islands, a large landmass located near the mainland. His father was a General of the military. His mother was a soldier, just like all Basitins, but she sheltered him from military life for much of his childhood. Like all Basitins, he did eventually join the military at 8 years of age, late for most Basitins. Keith was blamed for his parents death at the age of 13 and banished from the islands. He was ordered not to return until he brought back the Grand Templar.

Пол: Мужской
Возраст: примерно 14
Класс: Ассасин
Раса: Волк Кейдрен
Языки: Кейдрен, Человеческий (очень слабо)
Индивидуальность: Light-hearted and optimistic, to a fault. Enjoys teasing his younger sibling relentlessly.

The older of the Assassin Brothers. Zen is very protective of his sibling, the only family he has left after the attack left the both of them orphans. The brothers both joined the assassin's guild, and used their unique mental link to help them conquer otherwise impossible targets. Despite the Assassin Brother's skill and fierce reputation, almost all of the targets they're hired to kill end up dying through indirect means, often by accident or in ways not originally intended by the duo themselves. Somehow, their universal bad luck seems to rub off on others via proxy.

Пол: Мужской
Возраст: примерно 11
Класс: Cowardly Diplomat
Раса: Волк Кейдрен
Языки: Кейдрен, Человеческий
Индивидуальность: Extremely pessimistic and easily frightened in high-stress environments.

Sythe is a pony-tailed wolf most at home far away from battlefields and conflicts. Raised by his uncle, he was trained his entire life to be a diplomat between humans and keidran - even spending over a year living among humans back before the borders were closed. Sadly, his perfect human speech and years of education in interspecies cultures and politics have so far gone completely to waste since war began breaking out. Internally, Sythe has a very negative view of his own kind - believing that the war is mostly at the fault of the wolves for provoking the humans in the first place. Ultimately, he would like nothing more than for his life to go back to normal.

Laura of the Coastal Fox TribeHair
Пол: Женский
Возраст: примерно 16
Раса: Лис Кейдрен
Индивидуальность: Laura has very little self-confidence. She is timid, shy, and emotionally fragile. She tries to avoid conflict and always be polite.

Laura's family found Keith washed ashore behind their house after he had been banished. Laura fell in love with Keith and they were to be married, however, events conspired against them and Keith ended up leaving and heading into human territory, where she couldn't follow. After several years, she decided to seek out Keith in the only way she knew how: by traveling to the islands of the Basitin.

Saria au Gruhen
Пол: Женский
Возраст: неизвестно
Раса: Человек
Индивидуальность: Saria is soft-spoken and usually shy, but not afraid to speak out when she needs to.

Saria was a middle-class daughter of a blacksmith. She learned from an early age to take care of herself. She prefers to work for herself, and has never relied on the help of slaves. Her father brought her to the Templar Academy to work on building armor for the Templars. It was there where she met and fell in love with Trace. They were happily married for a year. However, their marriage was short-lived.

Eric Vaughan
Пол: Мужской
Возраст: 20
Класс: Slave Trader / Keidran «Expert»
Раса: Человек
Индивидуальность: Eric likes Keidran. That sums it up pretty nicely.

Eric was born into a noble family. He is extremely wealthy, but he tries to stay modest about his money. Eric has a great affinity for Keidran, and uses his vast wealth to purchase a variety of Keidran slaves in cities all over the mainland. Eric is very well-read, but he specializes in Keidran anatomy and physiology. Eric treats all his slaves very well, and most are eternally devoted to him, despite being enslaved.

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