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Freefall d0312

Freefall 3121



It doesn't matter if you're canine or human, we both get the concept of “Tag! You're it!”


So, there is still some wolf lurking underneath that fluffball exterior.


For dogs, falling asleep on the field is a perfectly legitimate way of signaling “Game over”.



Either you don't want to sleep by yourself or we have a heck of a case of static cling.





I should have worn gloves and long sleeves this morning, though Winston really didn't seem to mind.

Fur is a problem when cooking. It has a tendency to get everywhere.

Which pretty much excludes me from working in the food industry. To meet hygiene standards, I'd need to wear a full body hairnet.


Humans love the maillard reaction. Heat, amino acids and reducing sugars all combine to make things delicious.

Proper cooking also makes food easier to digest. Even I can get nutrients out of a plant once they've been cooked and the cell walls broken down. Still not a big fan of the taste, though.

And of course, presentation. Humans want food from a master chef. No one wants food from a master pre-digester.

Реакция Майяра
Редуцирующие, или восстанавливающие сахара - сахара, способные участвовать в химической реакции как восстановитель. К ним относятся все моносахариды и некоторые дисахариды (мальтоза, лактоза, но не сахароза). (KALDYH)
Предперевариватель - Фло подразумевает способ кормления волками щенков. Отрыгивая мясо. (Библиотечный Библиотекарь Библиотекович)


Done. Cricket siu mai with pan fried vegetables.

A few substitutions, I haven't made this with crickets before. Still, I think Mom would approve.

Some folks have told my mom this isn't a real Italian recipe. Mom came from Italy. She would reply that they never met her neighbors.

Сиумай/шаомай – блюдо восточноазиатской кухни, пельмени с открытым верхом, «в мешочек».


The kitchen appliances are now idle. Florence will ask you to dinner soon. You should get ready.

Thank you.

Hey. Are you in my home network?

Yes. I told the vacuum cleaner I was here to help. It gave me the passcodes.

Have you ever heard of privacy?

It is secondary to keeping humans safe. By the way, I checked the kitchen inventory for the past three months. You're not getting enough fiber.

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