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Freefall 1523

Dog Pound break out

One day, I'm going to be a step ahead of that slimy space squid!
Sir! I found this envelope in the grass!
Thank you, Volunteer Mitchell. Now what's in here? Three cigars wrapped in a piece of plastic? Wait. There's writing on the plastic.
“Captain Sam's super secret special order 191.” These are Sam's plans!
Ha! He's going to regret our finding that envelope! After all the trouble he's caused, there's no way he's getting these cigars back.

Специальный приказ 191 – капрал Бартон Митчелл нашел в траве сверток с тремя сигарами. Сверток оказался военным приказом генерала армии Конфедерации Роберта Ли. Находка серьёзно повлияла на ход сражения во время американской гражданской войны.

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