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Did you study at the private R. Bacon's school? Yes, like all exorcists. Cool place there, probably? Heh, school as a school. Old, dusty and with cockroaches in the campus. Pieces for high school students like polygons were located outside the city. Cool! To be honest, I did not count on communication with the new exorcist. But, in contrast to their predecessors, Tammi was a surprisingly 'normal“ ursa - how normal a licensed mentalist might be. And Dan finally had the opportunity to learn more about his hobby… So, did you know Diamond Ashley? Yeah, he sometimes gave us lessons in сombaе exorcism. Awesome!

В мире урсов существует всего одна школа, что занимается “выращиванием” экзорцистов. В школу берут с восьми лет и обучение длится до 21 года. Однако туда можно прийти в и в более позднем возрасте, а также пройти курсы переквалификации - в любом возрасте.

In the world of ursov there is only one school that is engaged in “cultivation” of exorcists. The school takes eight years and training lasts up to 21 years. However, you can come there at a later age, as well as take retraining courses - at any age.

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