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Freefall h0302
Freefall 3021
Chris's father brought warm clothes and instructions from commnet on what to do.
He opened the breaker for the left front wheel variable frequency drive, reset the main breaker, acknowledged the fault and the chair started working again.
All the while raging about how the designer shouldn't have the main breaker trip the moment a ground fault is detected and how fail safe in a bad location isn't fail safe at all. I learned words that day I'm still too embarrassed to use.
Freefall 3022
Sitting in the cold and the wet had taken its toll on Chris. He got very ill.
Everyone kept telling me I was a good dog for getting help. I didn't feel like a good dog. I kept going back to how fast his dad had gotten the chair working. If I had known what to do, Chris would have never gotten sick.
That's when I decided Chris wasn't going to get stuck like that again. I was going to learn how to fix his chair and I wasn't going to let the lack of thumbs deter me.

На тумбочке у кровати стоит Верховный далек из Доктор_Кто

Freefall 3023
I read manuals. I went on forums. I learned how that chair worked inside and out.
There's a kind of magnificent insanity that happens when your wants and human safe protocols align. It's very easy to lose yourself in a subject.
I'm glad my owner knew about this and made sure I never lost sight of what's important.
Freefall 3024
And that's how I got started with electronics and motors and all the things that make up this augmented ecosystem we live in.
'Course, on the manufactured side, we're still pretty bad at getting dead components back into the production cycle.
Yep. We're building brains and muscles and support structures. At some point we're going to have to produce the technological equivalent of scavengers and carrion beetles.
Freefall 3025
Wow. It's after midnight. We've been talking a long time.
And we both need to work tomorrow.
I guess we should say “good night”.
See you in the morning.
The night's gone well and I don't want to ruin it by encroaching too fast on his territory. Besides, I do need to sleep and humans tend to spread out and take up the entire bed.
Freefall 3026
I do believe I have found my forever home.
Freefall 3027
Well, little one, time for us to get to bed as well.
Yes, I'm looking forward to waking up with her here as well.
Of course I still love you. But you must admit, you tend not to hold up your end of our conversations.
Freefall 3028
Good night, Beekay. Tomorrow is a whole new day.
The robots have gotten their freedom. Terraforming is coming along nicely. We have a new person in the house. Soon, we'll have a new moon and tides. Things are getting better for everyone.
There is no way this is my future.
Freefall 3029
Mr. Kornada. Good of you to show up early on your first day.
I assure you it was not voluntary.
Would you like me to show you how to work the register?
I shall not serve those who should be serving me.
Suit yourself.
Freefall 3030
And that's how we do it. Any questions?
No. I refuse to clean toilets.
Your choice. But if I find you unfit to work here, your next job could be worse.
What could be worse than this?
You have led a sheltered life, haven't you?
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