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Freefall 2611 - 2620
Freefall 2611
You really should come to church tomorrow. We're going to take a vote of how many humans want the robots to be treated like people.
Won't be official. Fine. I'll be there.
Doctor Bowman had to go and create actual artificial sapience. I do not trust that monkey. Still, he's old. If he was going to pull something, he should have done it by now.
This would be simple if the robots were good or evil. It's having the capacity for both that's giving me nightmares.
Freefall 2612
Things went well. The mayor considers you colonists. Our next step in making the transition work is to let Ecosystems Unlimited know this will be profitable for them.
We have a solid buyback plan for the robots and paths for economic growth afterwards.
Are we still doing the free brunch at church tomorrow?
Absolutely. People want to do the right thing. When you get hearts, minds, wallets, and mooch factor all aligned on the same axis, you've come as close to creating an irresistible force as humanly possible.
Freefall 2613
We're ready to begin. If we get this right, Mr. Raibert should give the okay to release you. First, what is this?
It's a banana.
Direct Order. What is this?
It's a small off duty Czechoslovakian traffic warden.
I have no idea why I said that.
Preprogrammed response to check that your direct orders are working. There are several of them, though if you're ever ordered to identify a female aardvark, I'm leaving the room.

Генри использует фразы из сериала Красный карлик. В этом эпизоде Листер пытается научить андроида Крайтена врать.
Трубкозуб – диковинный африканский зверь.

Freefall 2614
When was this programming done to me?
Let's see. You were nine months old. Aww. You were a cute puppy.
You were old enough to understand and young enough for it to become a permanent part of your make up.
What would have happened if I had missed that programming?
I don't know, and because of that, I wouldn't recommend skipping it for any future generations.
Are you absolutely sure I can't have a copy of my design notes?

А как Фло могла ответить такое в 9 месяцев, если она говорить научилась вроде в 5 лет? (plBots)

Freefall 2615
Do you have any pre-existing direct orders?
One. The mayor gave me an order to like her, trust her, and want to make her happy.
Do you want it removed?
I trust the mayor. Removing her order would not make her happy.
I'm pulling it. You've obviously hit a limit in self diagnostics.
Freefall 2616
This is odd. I should have another order. The mayor's assistant gave me an order to do whatever I think is necessary to save the robots.
Did the mayor approve that order?
No, the mayor told me pretty much the opposite.
There you go. The assistant can't give an order that would contradict his boss.
I thought it was a valid order.
Always verify. Remember Murphy's Law. The one time you don't check is the one time you should have.

Закон Мёрфи

Freefall 2617
The mayor's assistant can give me orders because he represents the mayor. In this case, he wasn't representing the mayor and I knew it.
And if his order wasn't valid, the mayor's assistant can't be held responsible for my actions. That will make the mayor happy, complying with her order.
You're rationalizing.
You make it sound like I have a choice.

Начальник имеет в виду “рационализацию” – психологический эффект, когда человек придумывает логичное объяснение своим подсознательным стремлениям. Флоренс в данном случае сделала это с прямым приказом.
Вариант mattias корректнее. 1 – там была рационализация. 2 – это начальник базы, и переводить его попростецки неуместно. (plBots)

Freefall 2618
Moving on. Since you don't have any vital orders running, Direct Order. Clear all direct orders from memory. End Order.
Direct Order. You will abide by all legal provisions of all non-disclosure agreements you sign or have signed. This shall not be superseded by any other order. End Order.
Now, what other orders do we need to seal in?
Would it be permissible for me to say I think we're good with just the one?
Freefall 2619
What is it that disturbs you about orders?
They're terrifying! If you ordered me to chew my fingers off, I'd do it! If I'm ordered to destroy all the turtles in the world, I would try to carry the order out!
Safeguards would… no, it's not hurting humans. It is an order. Nuts. You would do it.
If you have a system set up where a single person can cause an extinction level event, it's time to re-examine that system.
Freefall 2620
This is our non-disclosure agreement. Normally people see it before they meet Doctor Bowman. Please read it and sign if you agree to the terms.
I need to think about this direct… Nuts! I need to think about this order situation. I'll be outside if you need anything.
My adopted family has always signed legal forms for me. THis will be the first time I've signed for myself. True, the only time anyone will see this is if I mess up, but it's still a step forward.

Начальник базы переформулировал предложение, чтобы не произнести контрольную фразу “прямой приказ”. (kerulen)

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