Freefall 2261 - 2270
Freefall 2261

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


Is Helix safe now?

Yes. The secondary servers have been modified and the primary servers are off line.

So why are we breaking in here?

Anti-recovery. We're going to make it difficult for Ecosystems Unlimited to modify their neural pruning program.

Anti-recovery. Anti-recovery. I like it. What a pleasant way of saying “Let's kick 'em while they're down.”

Freefall 2262

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


It's 11:45. We'll have about ten minutes while the guards change shift and the new guard gets coffee and settles in.

Walk normally. Act like you belong here. Sneaking attracts attention. And most important…

Stop eating my ice cream! You weren't chased by a horde of bloodthirsty merchants screaming for your credit card number! You don't get any ice cream!

Freefall 2263

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


You handed the ice cream to me. It's mine now. There are no take backs on food.

You were holding it for me! I didn't give it to you!

Look. It's covered with wolf spit. Do you really want ice cream covered in wolf spit?

Sigh. Scavenger. I really should know better by now.

Freefall 2264

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


I believe I found out about the neural pruning program the last time I was here.

You had a bunch of sticky notes when we found you in that building.

I'm glad you remembered that.

My pants were full of crickets.

I hope that's a mnemonic.

When your pants are full of crickets, you don't need mnemonics.

RAID – (redundant array of inexpensive disks) избыточный массив недорогих дисков. Если вкратце, то это способ хранения данных, который обеспечивает различную степень отказоустойчивости и быстродействия.
Research and Information Department из Гарри Поттера мне нравится больше :) (Charliez)

Freefall 2265

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


Good evening, Doc Nickel, Doctor Zarkov, Doctor Quest, Doctor Strange, Doctor Manhattan, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Sivana, Doctor Tenma, Doctor Solar.

Mismatch. Number of bodies do not match number of badges. System is being deceived.


How many badges did you take?

The same number I always take when something is free. All of them.

Перечислены имена докторов наук из различных комиксов и манги. Предоставляю читателям возможность найти на них досье самостоятельно (KALDYH)

Freefall 2266

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound



If there is a place you want to go in this building, I suggest we run.

Look for a workshop. Someplace where there's computer access.


Does it have to have computers? Right now, I'm thinking anyplace out of the line of fire would be good.

Похоже, компьютер-таки получил разрешение на открытие огня, которое запрашивал в Freefall 1619 стрипе (KALDYH)

Freefall 2267

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


My scent! It's on this sticky note.

Great! Wonderful! Keep running!

Door jamb. I went in here.


Go in! Go in!

Non lethal. That doesn't sound… too bad.

Non lethal to humans. I have no desire to see if I can live through what they can live through.

Freefall 2268

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


You are firing request 122887. The destruction of your enemies is important to us. Please stay on the line and your firing request will be handled in the order of which it was received.

Stupid computer! Give me manual firing control!

Fire control is in manual. Please enter password to enable activation.

Password? I do not know password. Switch back to automatic.

Fire control is in automatic. Please enter password to enable activation.

Stupid computer! Security should not fail safe! Security should fail dangerous!

…Нет, всё-таки не получил. (KALDYH)
Марк уже в полный рост стебётся над бюрократией цифрового века. Для полноты мировоззренческой картины можно ещё почитать нынешние ИтХаппенс с Задолба.ли (Robot Spike)

Freefall 2269

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


We came all this way so you could install a power strip?

This is a descendant of the Power Pwn. It's a testing tool. Back home, the red team would use these to try to penetrate our network.

It contains software tools and a wireless interface. It will get around the physical isolation this place uses as their second line of security.

Their first line of security seems to be a thick protective layer of dirt. Don't they ever clean under here?

Напоминаю, что комплекс «Экосистемс Анлимитед» изолирован от коммнета. (KALDYH)
Power Pwn, про Power Pwn по-русски
Red team

Freefall 2270

Into the Ecosystems Unlimited compound


Done. It's not the usual way these are used, but the computer that runs the compound can now access Commnet.

Once it sees there are new revisions and software patches, it will download…

You were playing with the computer so I decided to loot. What? Proper division of labor is the mark of a great leader.

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