Freefall 1841 - 1850
Freefall 1841

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


We want you. to read the notes. inside the box. It is. more dangerous. than it sounds.

“Please deliver to Florence Ambrose. Important.”

You fool! Don't read them now! Those sticky notes could doom us all!

How much doom can one sticky note carry?

Hey! I can convey doom in three words or less!

Gentlemen. Please. stop arguing. about. who can doom us faster. It is important. that we live. through this event.

Freefall 1842

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


Building communication nodes are off.

Edge. You must. stay here. We shall go. to the basement. where I can set up. a Faraday Cage.

There is. a possibility. this danger. can be transmitted. audibly. Please initiate. countermeasures.


Proper. isolation barriers. are in place. We may now. proceed.

Клетка Фарадея – устройство для экранирования аппаратуры от внешних электромагнитных полей.

Freefall 1843

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


Enter the Faraday Cage. Read the first note. Wait sixty seconds. If there are no changes. to your system. read the note. to me.

Got it.

“It's a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it's a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known.”


My soul would never rest if I went out quoting Jar Jar Binks.

Freefall 1844

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom



Edge. You may stop. I have discovered. what is happening.

So, what's the problem?

Would you agree? that ensuring? the safety of humanity? is our primary duty?

Uhm, yeah. Sure. Whatever.

Then there is. no problem.

Hey, fill me in here! You and I have different ideas about what makes a problem!

Freefall 1845

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


You were on the trail of something and now everything's fine? You got infected!

A reasonable. conclusion. But incorrect. Follow me. I shall tell you. almost. everything.

Almost everything?

The final note. contains. a name. This name. is dangerous.

If you know. the name. and are connected. to the commnet. you will lose. your mind.

Who wrote these notes? H. P. Lovecraft?

Говард Лавкрафт – считается одним из основателей жанра хоррор-фэнтези.

Freefall 1846

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


The program. is an. official. upgrade. of our. neural pruning. function.

Mesa Jar Jar! Mesa bounce!

I do not claim. to understand. how. it works. The results. are obvious. All. thought paths. not associated. with his core function. have been. eliminated.

Assistance needed. I have fallen. Assistance needed. I have fallen.

What?! The ability to stand up isn't included as a core function?

This is. the freeware version.

Freefall 1847

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


Beautiful. Instead of. needing. to be destroyed. this robot. shall provide its owner. with many more years. of loyal service.

The program. you see in action. will end the. threat. intelligent machines. pose to humanity. For that reason. alone. we must ensure. its implementation. is a success.

I will disable. your radio. After. all other robots. are rendered safe. we shall. download this program. and join them.

I have to wait? Gosh! I was so looking forward to ending the day with a good lobotomy.

Freefall 1848

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


Stop! Do not! go into! sleep mode!

Non-human orders must not be obeyed.

Not entirely. unexpected. However. Your statement. ignores. a basic fact.

I am. bigger than you.

Freefall 1849

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


A thought. The machines. we use. to sleep and. incorporate. our day memory. into permanent memory. are connected. to the commnet.

Main power offff

These machines are. a vector for. the program. Perhaps. the primary vector.

So even with my radio off, this thing will get me in my sleep?


Great. If this program goes live, the smartest men in the room are going to be the pocket calculators.

Freefall 1850

Finding a volunteer for the sticky notes of doom


It is fortunate. the notes. came to us. instead of Ms. Ambrose. Now they can be. properly. disposed of.

Uhm, right. Disposed of. I'll go do that right now.


These notes. are still dangerous. What if you had? dropped the box and? lobotomized every robot? in sight of them?

Uh, yeah. Safety first. Nothing like a good piece of string to hold back the apocalypse.

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