Freefall h0176
Freefall 1761

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


We're not even! He stole from me! And I'm losing money by being away from my shop.

I understand. By having a pie fight instead of delivering reaction mass, we're losing a bundle as well.

We're losing money by being here?

We're losing A LOT of money by being here.

Mr. Baker Sir! My most sincere apologies. What can I do to make this right?

Let go of my wallet or pies start flying here and now!

Freefall 1762

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


We've lost the baker. We're also kind of lost ourselves.

No need to fret. There is a secret french ninja technique for this exact problem.



Hey, if it's a stupid idea and it works, then it isn't stupid.

Marco Polo (game) Детcкая игра – вода закрывает глаза и кричит “Марко”, остальные участники должны отвечать “Поло”, после чего вода может идти на звук (Варг)

Freefall 1763

Troubles with the baker and pies for all



Ah, heck. It's just one of the warehouse robots.

Didn't see that coming.

After we rescue the baker, I intend to have a word with their programmers.

Freefall 1764

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


Sam! Sam! There's people here trying to rescue the baker!

That shouldn't be a problem.

We've been able to come to an agreement.


Then I guess I shouldn't have hit them with pies.

Just like back home. By the time you've finished with negotiations, your allies have already started a shooting war.

Freefall 1765

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


We need to talk to the baker's rescuers.

No. They've been hit. They're not going to talk. They're coming in with pies blazing.

Then we have to accept responsibility for Helix's actions.

Again, no. We've inflicted harm, upon the enemy. Rules of war state we may now cowardly run away and still maintain honor.

Freefall 1766

Troubles with the baker and pies for all



Hello. Can we talk about this?


That's it. My next engineer has got to have slower reflexes.

Freefall 1767

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


Out of the way, Florence. We've passed the point for talk.

This must now be settled with sweat, terror, and cherry filling.


Did we just lose our heavy hitter because of a thrown pie pan?

On the plus side, she did take out the guy with the ninja while chasing it.

В конце 19 века Frisbie Pie Company занималась производством пирогов. Смышлёные дети однажды подметили, что если перевернуть фирменную тарелочку от пирога и бросить – та скользит по воздуху, и принялись играться с ними, выкрикивая “Фрисби!” во время броска, дабы случайно не попасть друзьям по лбу (тарелочки-то были металлические, вполне могли раскроить черепушку). Чуть позже производитель игрушек “Wham-O” придумал пластиковый вариант парящей тарелки и, дабы не судиться за совпадение имени, выпустил её под маркой “Frisbee”. (Mityai)

Freefall 1768

Troubles with the baker and pies for all


Excuse me. These two did come to rescue me. It would be ungrateful not to side with them.

You could claim the Stockholm Syndrome and side with us.

The Stockholm Syndrome has only been proven with human captors, not robots or alien squids.

Let me sweeten the deal. I'll give you your wallet back. Minus the money I found inside, of course.

Should I consider that your final answer, or would you like more time to think about it?

Стокгольмский синдром Вкратце – заложники начинают сочуствовать захватчику.

Freefall 1769

The Mayor joins in



Is the use of a pie still an accepted method of disagreeing with the policies of an established political party?

Why, yes. I believe it is.

I disagree highly with your policies on artificial intelligence!

Hey! You can't do that and run off! You have to fill out a form!

Freefall 1770

The Mayor joins in


Pie'd by an artificial intelligence. That's not on the form. How am I supposed to complete the paperwork if reality won't conform to the way we say it should be?

I also disagree with your established policies on artificial intelligence.

What? Why?

Oh, My. I'm going to be seeing a lot of pies in the next few seconds, aren't I?

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