Freefall 1501 - 1510
Freefall 1501

Dog Pound break out


My arms!

Florence can fix that. Let's get the covers over the holes and add a little paint.

I don't want to wear a wig!

Helix, you have to be convincing if you're going to be our inside man. Now say your line.


Perfect. Let's go.

Freefall 1502

Dog Pound break out


Polly! You came home!

Oh, great. Well, good bye, Polly. We're off to carry out our insidious scheme.

We can't leave her outside.

But she's not spaceship broken! And we can't put down paper because you guys use data pads for everything. Sigh. Okay. I guess we can do something.

by Tora Kiyoshi » Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:18 pm
Я объясню “приучен к кораблю”(“spaceship broken”). Сэм боится, что Полли будет гадить по всему кораблю. Этот переиначенный термин “приучен к дому”(“housebroken”), означает, что животное приучено не справлять нужду в помещении. Когда щенок ещё не “приучен к дому”, и хозяину нужно отлучиться, щенка запирают в комнате, пол которой выложен газетой, чтобы всё было легко убрать. Через какое-то время щенок научится ходить делать свои дела только в ту комнату, тогда его называют “приученным к газете/пелёнке”(“paper trained”). Когда щенок наконец-то научится ждать пока его выпустят наружу, он будет считаться “приучен к дому”.

Freefall 1503

Dog Pound break out


These are the proper forms. Thank you. She's free to go.

It's about time.

Oh Snookums. Mommy missed you. Let's get you out of this awful place.





Freefall 1504

Dog Pound break out


I shouldn't let this get me down. Many humans have done their best work while incarcerated.

I'm an engineer. This is a golden opportunity to work uninterrupted on ideas for a starship drive.

And I do have a little leeway. The Mayor gave me a direct order to stay here, she never said I couldn't build a fusion test reactor on the premises.

Freefall 1505

Dog Pound break out



I am a stray dog. Please put me in the pound. Signed, a stray dog.

This way, little pup. No worries. Any dog honest enough to turn himself in is a dog I won't have any trouble getting adopted.


Freefall 1506

Dog Pound break out


Once a charged pair forms, they can be accelerated electrostatically out of the area. Energy deficit could lead to more charged pair formation.

Florence, we have a new dog! He even came here voluntarily!

Okay, I have completely lost my train of thought.


Funny how dogs will always concentrate on another dog instead of Dynamic Vacuum Theory.

Freefall 1507

Dog Pound break out


Another customer? For a day the pound is supposed to be closed, it sure is busy.

Helix, what are you doing here disguised like that?

Sam and I are here to bust you out.

Oh, wonderful.

Isn't it? And free jail breaks are just one of the perks of being part of our crew.

Freefall 1508

Dog Pound break out


Qwerty, what are you doing here?

We heard Ms. Ambrose had been impounded. I came to see if I could help.

You can let her out!

I can't. The Mayor gave me a direct order to keep her here.

Okay. Were there any orders on what to do if I showed up?

Guys, my cell had locks on it! That's two more for my collection!

Freefall 1509

Dog Pound break out


The robot at the dog pound called as you ordered. Sam is there now.

What!? How did he find out about that so fast?

How long will the cell hold him?

He's already out. He'll be long gone by the time we get there.

No. Wait. He's found the kibble. The kind that makes its own gravy.

That gives us ten minutes. Okay people, let's move!

Freefall 1510

Dog Pound break out


Open up, Helix. Florence needs the tools you brought.

Sam, I'm not leaving here illegally.

That's why I brought you these. Plastic replicas of the original documents.

France's Declaration of the rights of man and citizen. The Magna Carta. The English and United States Bill of Rights.

I know she can get out of here physically. What she needs are the tools to break out mentally.

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