Freefall 1201 - 1210
Freefall 1201

Tail chasing and fish catching


Zz*! Hey! Florence is gone! She's as light footed as Helix! Or Sawtooth Rivergrinder!

Must be sad to be Terran. Always trying to be quiet. They're such light sleepers, it's stunted them culturally.

Imagine. Billions of people and not one good looting song to sing during a burglary between them.

Freefall 1202

Tail chasing and fish catching


Noises from engineering. Florence is working again.

It's Saturday. No one on this ship should be working on Saturday!

And as captain, it's up to me to nip work ethic problems like this in the bud.

Freefall 1203

Tail chasing and fish catching


Florence, what are you doing?

I'm about to clean out the strainer buckets.

Can it wait until Monday? We've got more important things to do.

It can. What's up?

We're going fishing.

Freefall 1204

Tail chasing and fish catching


Fishing? Sam, there's work to be done here.

You know what? There's always going to be work to be done here.

It's Saturday! The weekend! Spending all your time in here fixing stuff? That's no way to live.


Having a ship where everything works is a very good way to live.

Okay. Point in your favor, but we're still going fishing.

Freefall 1205

Tail chasing and fish catching


I don't know how it was on your last job, but we are not going to be working seven days a week.

It's a forty hour work week. You don't live to work, you work to live.

Few people have made names for themselves working a forty hour week.

Oh, I still want to become rich and famous. I just don't think I should have to work for it.

Freefall 1206

Tail chasing and fish catching


Should I wake Helix?

Depends on how easy you want fishing to be.

Helix usually falls into the water trying to rescue the fish. Once his power supply shorts out, all the stunned fish float to the surface for easy picking.

We'll let Helix sleep for this trip.

Are you sure? It's more fun when the fish don't have a sporting chance.

Freefall 1207

Tail chasing and fish catching


Are we going fishing from the shore or a boat?


I'll bring a data slab then. This is the last day for any e-mails you want to get on the starship.

Is there anyone out system that you write to?

A few. People who used to live here. For some reason, it makes them happy knowing there are light years of distance between us.

Freefall 1208

Tail chasing and fish catching


During a big storm, there are always boats that break loose from their moorings. Satellite shows one not far from here.

We'll return the boat to the owner's marina and fish along the way.

And if this little fishing expedition is successful, Florence is going to show me how to bypass security systems and hot-wire a boat.

Freefall 1209

Tail chasing and fish catching




Did you just put worms in your coffee cup?

Quit worrying. A little caffeine isn't going to hurt them.


Freefall 1210

Tail chasing and fish catching


Sam, I don't want to fish with those. It's cruel to put a worm on a hook.

And catching fish isn't?

We could use artificial bait.

No, that's cruel.

If you're going to hook a fish for dinner, the least you can do is give it a last meal.

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