Freefall h0113
Freefall 1131

Escape into the museum


Let's get this tied off on the museum roof.

Then we can come back for our crowd pleasing “Rope through the skylight” escape.

People do like it when we leave.

One day we'll be rich enough to buy jet packs for our escapes.

Let's stick to ropes. We have bad luck when we combine ignition sources and priceless works of art.

Freefall 1132

Escape into the museum


Pay? We were just in here! I'm going to run right past you.

Don't even think about it. I'm armed with a Chihuahua.

Learning experience, Sam. When we come back to plunder this museum as scurvy space pirates, we'll know to get our hands stamped.

Имеется в виду печать (обычно видимая в ультрафиолете), которую ставят выходящим посетителям, чтобы знать что они уже заплатили (на концертах, например) (Варг)

Freefall 1133

Escape into the museum


We're good to go. We came in through the skylight, we leave through the skylight. Symmetry is maintained.

Maybe this would work better if you didn't try tying symmetrical knots.

That knot would have held had I remembered to bring the duct tape.

Freefall 1134

Escape into the museum


It's obvious neither of us knows how to tie a knot. Helix, go to the roof, lower the rope, then pull me up.

Man, it's annoying how that data slab keeps playing the “2001” theme over and over.

Something's distracted Sam. He's not grabbing the rope. Lucky for me I have my bag full of toy animals.

When a person's distracted, nothing focusses their attention like having a stuffed walrus dropped on their head.

Freefall 1135

Escape into the museum


At last! A daring skylight escape after only three tries!

Did you remember to pick up my toy walrus?

At last! A daring skylight escape after only four tries!

It'd still be three if I could climb a rope as fast as you could lower it.

Freefall 1136

Escape into the museum


The fuel level on the Baby Mobile is getting low.

And the diaper is getting full.

Time to return this baby to its parent company.

Won't they ask us a lot of questions?

Not if we leave it on their doorstep in a giant wicker basket.

I still think we should consider adoption.

Freefall 1137

Escape into the museum


The Baby Mobile is dropped off.

I left a teddy bear so it won't get lonely.

What are we going to do now?

I'm hungry. Let's get something to eat.

It's almost ten o'clock. A bit late.

Late? It's not late. For a scavenger, after dinner hours are prime time.

Freefall 1138

Escape into the museum


A food court that closes in three minutes! Perfect! They're not allowed to keep food they've cooked over night.

Sigh. What would you like to order?


I'm not choosy. What do you have already made that you need to get rid of?

So that's how you get all that food so cheap.

Don't tell anyone, but sneaky and legal is just as much fun as sneaky and illegal.

George … Anne Bunny Burger Charlie Chicken Casserole Blackbird Pie Jack Rack Ham

Freefall 1139

Escape into the museum


You know it's been a good night when you have to head home because you can't carry any more stuff.

Теперь очевидно, почему он познакомился именно с роботом-переносчиком грузов (Robot Spike)

Freefall 1140

Escape into the museum



Freshly downloaded from iMovies and ready to go.

Rubber suits and cardboard sets. Mankind's highest cultural achievement.

There has got to be a way to smuggle this to my home planet.

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