Freefall h0108
Freefall 1081

Dropping off Winston


Here's our table.

Do you think they use robots here, or just humans?





I can say with some certainty they have robots here.

Freefall 1082

Dropping off Winston


Ninjas. If we never see the waiters, how do we get our menus?


We also need silverware.

Funny thing. The only silverware I feel like asking for now is a spoon.

Freefall 1083

Dropping off Winston


Menus. Okay. Order. Coffee. Black. Confirm. Let's see them get that to me without me seeing them.


We heard the ninjas behind this panel earlier. You can see how it's made to slide up. This is where they get the food out to us.

How do they expect to remain unseen when they've made it so obvious which way we're supposed to look?

Freefall 1084

Dropping off Winston


Your coffee is here.

Now how did we miss that arriving?

Do you know what you want?

Yes. I pre-ordered. Onions. Grapes. Nutmeg. There's a lot of ingredients in french cooking I can't eat.

As well as for my health, it's a courtesy to the restaurant. Can you imagine a ninja chef accidentally poisoning someone? He'd never hear the end of it.

Freefall 1085

Dropping off Winston


There's a lot of choices here. what did you order?

A simple dish. Sole a la meuniere. Fish, lemon, butter and parsley.

It must be so much fun being human. You guys can eat anything. Even the weird stuff like jalapeno peppers.

I mean, really. What other species would eat something like that and sit there with nose burning and eyes watering, trying to figure out how to make it even hotter?

Халапеньо – разновидность острого зелёного перца чили

Freefall 1086

Dropping off Winston


Wolves have advantages, too. Your hearing is better than ours.

That's not really an advantage.

My first time in an industrial area, I found out humans are very good at designing equipment that's quiet in your hearing range.


It's rather embarrassing to find out you've been shouting at everyone to overcome a background noise they can't hear.

Freefall 1087

Dropping off Winston


Do you find it difficult fitting in?

Sometimes. It's taught me to be a good observer.

Considering how important it is for a Bowman's Wolf, maybe I should document my observations? Sort of like a canine nature show host?

Crikey! You can tell by the loss of shoulder tension and the slight lean back that this doctor has just decided what to order.

Stay an engineer. I won't have to treat you for near as many human bites.

Freefall 1088

Dropping off Winston


I hope you're not expecting all your observations of us to make sense.

No. But you guys do make a lot more sense than you give yourselves credit for.

Even things that seem nonsensical, like women going out with guys who have a track record of running off, make sense if you start digging into it.

Still, I try not to take my thoughts too seriously. Human myth is full of examples of what happens to people who believe they understand how their creators think, especially when the creators are still around to show them otherwise.

Freefall 1089

Dropping off Winston


I must have left my lightning bolts at home. You're safe from smiting. So what's your take on why women go out with the wrong type of guy?

I see it as a genetic gamble.

It's harder to raise a child alone. But if the child is a boy who grows up like his father, the mother's half of the genetic code gets distributed far wider than if she had followed the monogamous model.

That may have been true once. Humans are civilized now. Our behavior is influenced by stronger things than genetics, like advertising and television.

Freefall 1090

Dropping off Winston


Genes are an influence on behavior. With intelligence, culture becomes the overriding factor. Look at us here.

Our behavior is determined by how we were raised. For kids, the values we pass on are more important than what we pass on genetically.

This is going to be a fun dinner. Not many women would be interested in whether I thought passing along culture or genetics was more important.


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