Freefall 1021 - 1030
Freefall 1021

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


You could let me off with a warning.

How about a warning and a sound beating?

We could pay a fine.

You two don't have money.

We do. We have a job. We're going to get paid now.

I could be the first policeman to collect a fine from you guys! I'll be famous!

Excuse me? The beating's still an option, right?

Freefall 1022

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


A fine. We got a fine.

Policemen are our friends.

Friends? How are they our friends?

They save us from angry shopkeepers. They keep walletless people from beating us up. All kinds of stuff.

Hmm. Maybe I should pay this fine. Our lives could be down right dangerous if we didn't have the police protecting us from honest citizens.

Freefall 1023

A quick exit before the creditors arrive



Friday afternoon torpor?

Otherwise known as suspended animation with drool.

Freefall 1024

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Helix, we're about to be very well paid for the satellite job. We want to leave a good impression.

Right. No stealing until after we're paid.

No. We want this guy to have a good impression of us even after we leave. If Tex has another job, we want him to think of us.

Sam, are we going legitimate?

There's no shame in honest work if enough money's involved.

Freefall 1025

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Hello, Tex. All twenty satellites are up and working.

Twenty? Twenty? I ordered ten!

Least I think I ordered ten. Let's see. Requisition fourteen, subtract the budget cut, carry the cost over run. Shoot, I can't figure this out.

Hello? Accounting? Let me talk to a translator. I need to know how to say “ten” in budget speak.

Freefall 1026

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Yes, Sir. Normally asking for fourteen will get you ten. But it's the end of the financial year and you were under budget.

If you spend less than your budget, you won't get as much money next year. By giving you twenty satellites, you met your spending goals.

If you were going to give me twenty no matter how many I asked for, why should I even bother to write in a number?

Sir! Please! We have to follow procedure!

Freefall 1027

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Contract is for twenty. Payment for ten. They got that right.

You could pay us tax free.

They tax tax money?

The government pays out money, which it taxes, so it comes back to be paid out again, where it's taxed and comes back.

Government money is financial alternating current!

With a lot more line losses.

Распил & Откат по-американски (Robot Spike)

Freefall 1028

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Great weekend ahead. It's Friday afternoon and we have money! What should we do first?

Give some of it to Florence.

If she wanted any money, she would have come with us.

She fixed the ship. She did most of the work. She's why we have money.

Okay, okay. We'll give her… five percent.

I'm getting better at negotiating. That's the most Sam's ever given anyone.

Freefall 1029

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Five percent. I can't believe you talked me into giving Florence five percent of the money.

Did Kenneth Lay of Enron give his employees five percent of what he made? Did Michael Eisner of Disney pay his workers five percent of his salary? I think not.

I'm finally on track to becoming a famous space ship captain. But if I'm not careful, my generous nature will be the ruin of us.

Enron – крупнейшая корпорация США в электроэнергетической и газовой сфере, в 2001 году с треском обанкротившаяся из-за критического несоответствия банковской отчётности с реальным положением дел, после которого термин “дело Энрон” стал нарицательным понятием

Freefall 1030

A quick exit before the creditors arrive








Nothing is more terrifying to a small business owner than seeing a horde of fast moving bureaucrats headed your way.

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