Freefall 1011 - 1020
Freefall 1011

Re Entry


How hot is the hull going to get during re-entry?

Not hot at all. We have power and reaction mass. We don't need to use atmosphere braking.

So we use the engines to slow the ship and drop almost straight down into the atmospere?

I can not pass up a skydiving opportunity like this!

Sam, get back in your seat.

Freefall 1012

Re Entry


The ship knows how to land on its own. Why shouldn't I go skydiving?

Uhmmm. Because it's faster to land in the ship. It's Friday afternoon and if you're not at the government office before it closes, you won't get paid until Monday.

That's a good reason. That's a very good reason. In fact, that's such a good reason I might even be able to resist the bright, shiny temptation of the eject button.

Freefall 1013

Re Entry


Transition point reached. Dropping nose. Prepare for forward flight.

I should have gone skydiving. It would have been easier on my stomach.

Freefall 1014

Re Entry


Propulsion has shifted over to the air turbines. Everything is looking good.

I wonder if it's too late to change my bet from “Crash and burn” to “Safe landing”?

You bet on us crashing?

It was before we got you, when the odds were heavily in my favor.

You're going to owe me five bucks!

Don't get cocky. It's not too late for me to take a dive.

Freefall 1015

Re Entry


Satellites delivered. Our first mission in space is complete.

For a short time, anyone looking at the spaceport logs will know exactly what we've done and where we are.

Including our creditors.

Exactly. Helix, let's get out of here.

Freefall 1016

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


We have money. We could meet with your creditors and try to set up a payment schedule.

That would be the equivalent of wading waist deep into a shark pool and throwing blood in the water.

Don't you worry about Repo Men?


Repo Men won't come near us any more.

Which is a shame, actually. The last one who came here, I got his watch, his wallet, and his truck.

Freefall 1017

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Where's Florence?

She stayed back at the ship.

Darn it! You would think she'd know by now when we run, she should run! I swear, that woman has no survival sense at all.

Freefall 1018

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Here's where we get off. Get ready to jump.


I see you up there! Don't think that being on a train means I can't catch you!

That was a remarkably poor choice of words.

And a remarkably poor catch, I might add.

Freefall 1019

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Didn't I tell you not to ride on top of the trains anymore?

Yes, but you didn't tell Helix.

As captain of my ship, I should be willing to do anything I ask my crew to do.

Sam, what am I going to do with you?

You could send me to prison.

Nice try, but we both know you're not allowed back until you tell the warden where his cell doors went.

Freefall 1020

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


I suppose I could find those cell doors about a year from now.

And the warden wants an apology.

[!1.1]AN APOLOGY?!

You hurt his feelings.

When the cell doors went missing, you were the only prisoner who escaped.

That wasn't my fault! Every time I came back, the other inmates would throw me over the wall again!

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