Freefall 0501 - 0510
Freefall 0501

Sam to the rescue!


Okay, for the next few days, I'll keep the ship quiet and let Florence rest.

Have plenty for her to drink, and always, always, have something close by for her to eat besides her captain.

Thanks, Doc. I really think I'm going to be able to do this. I just needed a good reason, and among my people, self preservation has always been a great motivator.

Freefall 0502

Sam to the rescue!


Captain Sam, you can't be serious. Florence would never try to eat you.

Besides being loyal to you, you're an alien. Terran predators shouldn't like your taste at all.

Beekay, you're not helping my case here.

Freefall 0503

Sam to the rescue!


Back in there, you rascal. Now no more chewing on Sam, even if he does make noises like your favorite squeaky toy.

Flo, the Doc says he can't do any more for you without blood, so let's go. Right now.

We can't leave yet, Sam. I need to say, “Good bye”, and to settle my bill.

We could have left without paying. Oh well. She'll learn.

He wanted to leave without paying. Ah, well. He'll learn.

I just need to keep setting a good example.

I just need to keep setting a good example.

Freefall 0504

Sam to the rescue!


I guess it's time I head back to my ship. How much do I owe you?

Nothing. I'm not exactly set up to handle customers with money.

This life station's funded as part of the terraforming effort. I don't even have a system to accept payments. So don't worry about it.

But your time, the supplies I used up. Winston, I must owe you something.

Florence, a captain is always supposed to side with his crew, but I really have to support the Doctor on this one.

Freefall 0505

Sam to the rescue!


If you don't have a system of payment, how about if I buy you dinner in a few days?

Works for me.

Well, I've got to go. I still need to get a lot fixed on our ship, like the plumbing systems.

Yeah. We definitely need to get that fixed.

Because the next time these two see each other, I want a bucket of cold water ready.

Обычно так разнимают слишком романтично настроенных собак

Freefall 0506

Sam to the rescue!


How far away is your ship? The weather is still pretty nasty out there, and you could catch a chill.

I won't even get my feet wet. What did I tell you? Sam is a great pilot.

I really must be a great pilot. I parked the ship perfectly, and I wasn't even on it.

Freefall 0507

Sam to the rescue!


Hello and good-bye, Mr. Veterinarian Man. I'm Helix. Can I have a puppy?

The ecosystem here is still being built. I don't have any puppies.

Do you have any kittens? Giraffes? Pygmy hippos? Baby water buffalos?

Sorry. I'm currently working with simpler life forms. Nothing with a backbone.

Oh. Can I have a middle manager then?

Time to go, Helix.

Freefall 0508

Sam to the rescue!


I hope Winston lets me buy him a new shirt. I want to keep this one.

His scent is here, along with his dog. There's the kitchen, and the couch in his living room. It's all here.

Humans save their memories in photographs. I save mine in airtight containers.

Freefall 0509

Sam to the rescue!


This is my last set of clothes. I really need to go shopping.

Interstellar travel is expensive. You tend to travel light when you're being charged by the gram.

At least I didn't have to travel economy class. To get those rates, you're not allowed any possessions, can't eat for three days prior to travel, and they shave off all your hair.

Freefall 0510

Куда бы полететь?


Hi, Flo. We were just trying to figure out where we should go.

I want to go to the land of the rich and highly gullible tourists. Helix wants to go to the asteroid belt and catch meteors for his collection.

Actually, we need to go to the spaceport.

A third choice. Nuts. We were kind of hoping you'd be the tie breaker here.

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