Freefall 0471 - 0480
Freefall 0471

Meanwhile, back at the vet's…


It might be I'm attracted to Winston simply because he's the first nice human I've gotten to know on this planet. Has he really done anything special?

Okay, he saved my life. I've got to admit that scores some major brownie points.

Brownie points – идиоматическое выражение неформального общения. Выражает некую благодарность, благосклонность. Возможно происходит от Brownie point – философского обозначения доверия, заслуженного кем-то за свои хорошие дела

Freefall 0472

Meanwhile, back at the vet's…


Sigh. I do like Winston, but we really can't be more than friends. There's my species to consider.

There are only 14 of us. I pretty much have to have children. It wouldn't be fair to Winston to ask him to feed and put papers down for puppies that aren't his.

And suppose he wants to have kids, either by a human woman or adoption? I'd have to change diapers. Compared to putting down papers, that doesn't sound very fair to me.

C её-то обонянием… (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0473

Sam to the rescue!


We're here, Helix. Now remember our plan.

I pick the lock and open the door. You run in and grab the girl and any doughnuts you see. Then we run back to the ship.

I hope we're at the right address this time.

Don't be so negative. I'm sure the Mayor appreciated us adding some excitement to her otherwise boring day.

Freefall 0474

Sam to the rescue!


Galoshes, raincoat, floatation device, umbrella.

Sam, when we broke into the Mayor's house, why did everyone stop and stare at you?

It's a common reaction, Helix. When I enter a room, people naturally look to me for leadership.

It's called COMMAND PRESENCE. In a universe where you either have it or you don't, I'm bursting with the stuff.

Freefall 0475

Sam to the rescue!


Is command presence also why people do the Sam Salute when they recognize you?

Sam Salute. That's not the gesture with the finger, is it?

No, I mean the one where people put their hand over their wallet.

Oh, that one. I'm pretty sure that's a sign of respect.

Freefall 0476

Sam to the rescue!


Pretty stormy out. Ah, well. On to step one of our plan. I'll go pick the lock.

Mary Poppins would have done that more gracefully.

Okay, new step one. First, land the ship.

Freefall 0477

Sam to the rescue!


Order understood. Landing sequence initiated.

Thank you.

I know I didn't leave the ship that high up. What's going on here?

Oh, that's right. The ship's still trying to kill me! I've got to remember that.





Freefall 0478

Sam to the rescue!



Pick the lock! Pick the lock! What? This door is already open?

Now I really need to get Florence away from this guy. Leaving his door unlocked? Doesn't he know there are people like me about?



Freefall 0479

Sam to the rescue!


I better take off my galoshes before I track mud all over. I don't want this to get physical.

Humans are amazingly strong for their size. The first and only time I tried mugging one, that girl had me face down and crying “uncle” in less than ten seconds.

Then she took her candy back, got on her tricycle and went and told her mom on me.

Freefall 0480

Sam to the rescue!


With my rain gear off, I'm as silent as an iguana. I'll sneak about and reconnoiter the place.

Sniff? I thought it was Winston opening the door, but that's Sam's scent. Those footsteps are Sam's as well.

And now the sound of silverware being stuffed into a pocket. Yes, Sam has definitely entered the building.

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