Freefall 0431 - 0440
Freefall 0431

Sam the card flounder


Your gums are still pretty white. You could use some blood, but I don't know what would be safe to give you.

I guess all I can do is keep you comfortable. So, what happened to bring you to my door?

That is a long story.

The storm's still going on. We have plenty of time.

Okay. Just be glad this is the first time you're hearing it or you'd be wishing we could do a cut scene about now.

Freefall 0432

Sam the card flounder


Wake up! Wake up! It's a whole new day to adventure in! Let's go! Up! Up!


Heeelix. Look what I've got.


I don't know why, but moving Helix's mouse always kicks him out of sleep mode.

Freefall 0433

You ought to be in pictures


What do you want to do today? With our payoff from Sawtooth, the spaceport is our mollusk.

Let's go to the movies!

Don't you want to spend the money?

We could pay.

Pay? Helix, are you nuts? Sneaking in is part of the whole movie going experience.

Freefall 0434

You ought to be in pictures


We had a great time the last time we went to the movies. We sneaked in. We stole popcorn from the guy beside us when he went to the bathroom.

Then the usher came and yelled at us, and when he found we didn't have tickets, he chased us through the whole cinema. With that in mind, why would you want to pay to go in?

If we paid, we could actually watch the movie.

Oh. And I suppose you think that's what going to the theater is about?

Freefall 0435

You ought to be in pictures


We should pay because no one ever expects us to.

Okay. I'll go along with that.

Yea! There's lots of good underground theaters here. We can go to Hilliker Park.

After you've finished your binary breakfast goo, of course.

I'm done. Let's go!

Freefall 0436

You ought to be in pictures


I know she's not here, but should we buy Florence a ticket?

We'll do better than that. We'll show her our secrets.

We'll teach her how to get by the ushers, how to get in through ceiling spaces, even how to get free candy off the theater floor. She'll love it, it fits right in with her long term way of thinking.

After all, if you buy a person a ticket, they'll see a movie that day. But if you show a person how to sneak in, they'll see movies for a lifetime.

Конфуций. То же самое, но про рыбу и удочку

Freefall 0437

You ought to be in pictures


This is the most people the spaceport underground has seen since the planet got a breathable atmosphere. I bet they've got the trains running.


I love public transportation. It's fast. It's available to everyone.

And if you do it right, it's very affordable.

Freefall 0438

You ought to be in pictures


Relax, Helix. We're perfectly safe up here.

Look at the statistics. Hundreds of people were injured in the bath and on the beach last year. How many were hurt by falling off the roof of a moving train in a spaceport? Not one.

Wow. This is almost risk free.

Yeah. So risk free, it's boring. When we stop, I'm going to do something crazy and dangerous. I'm going to find a staircase and use it!

Freefall 0439

You ought to be in pictures


There's another signpost coming up. Should we duck?

No. We're not ducking any more.



This is our stop.

Freefall 0440

You ought to be in pictures


What kind of movie did you want to watch?

Let's see a Sci-Fi, Kung Fu, Action Adventure, Giant Robot, Comedy Romance.

With or without Godzilla?

Oh definitely with Godzilla. No other screaming radioactive mutant monster comes close in pure acting ability.

“Thimble Theater

“Театр в наперстке” (thimble theater) - отсылка к серии комиксов, в которой в 1929 года появился Моряк Попай

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