Freefall 2451 - 2460

Freefall 2451

Florence gets out for a walk


There you are! Would you please stop for a moment?

[!2.0]WHOA! WHOA!

Slow down there! She stole the doggy treats! A gun is not the appropriate level of discipline!

Florence gets out for a walk


Do you have the remote?

It's… gone. Why do you have a gun?





We're husband and wife! We're supposed to be a team! It undermines my position when I say we're not going to hurt someone and you're shooting at them!

Florence gets out for a walk


Why do you have a gun?

The robot said her safeguards weren't working. I figured we should have a back up for the remote.

Tranquilizer bullets. Non-fatal, but it will knock her on her tail when I hit her.

What if you hit her in the head?

Okay, MOSTLY non-fatal. Don't nit pick. It throws off my aim.

В оригинале труднопереводимая игра слов. (KALDYH)

Florence gets out for a walk



My escape plan is in need of serious revision.

Florence gets out for a walk


I've never felt cold like this before. It hurts to breathe! Even my eyeballs hurt! So much for my plan to hide and run the clock out.

Tracks. Makes sense. They wouldn't live in a hangar. If the other building is close, I might be able to find a phone or something.

It's been less than a month since I was in cold sleep. Here's hoping I've still got some anti-freeze left in my system.

Florence gets out for a walk


The tracks go this way!

If she makes it to the fence, she's going to set off the alarms.

You know, the base commander might join us for a cut of the forty million.

You think we're in trouble now? Go ahead and make him that offer.

Florence gets out for a walk


Strong infrared signal near the hangar fence. Capture drone is airborne and will be there in thirty seconds.

Doctor Bowman?

In his lab. Lockdown procedure complete. He's contained.


Uhm, still brewing.

Dang! We're never going to get our operational readiness above fifty percent in under sixty seconds!

Florence gets out for a walk


The fence was alarmed? Why was the fence alarmed? Why is there a fence here at all?

I'm sure these questions will wait until I'm someplace warmer and people aren't chasing me with guns.

Florence gets out for a walk


Mr. Raibert, we found your missing wolf. What? No, it wasn't hiding under the sofa. We'll find out more when we have it in custody.

I'm sure doggy treats are a good lure for wolves. We have our own methods for capturing it. No, it doesn't involve a rolled up newspaper. I've got to go. Just pass the message on to Mr. Raibert without any more questions, please.

The combination of voicemail and artificial intelligence is not the user friendly experience it was promised to be.

Florence gets out for a walk


I hope that surrender is still an option.

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