Freefall 0271 - 0280

Freefall 0271

Covering your tracks


Having any luck?

Luck! That's it! That's what we've been doing wrong!

We're only having bad luck here. Do you know why?

Because we haven't read any of the instruction manuals?

No! Of course not! We're having bad luck because we're trying to fly the ship before it's been christened!

Covering your tracks


I knew we had some wine. At a dollar a bottle, it's kind of expensive. But our ship deserves the very best.

What? It's in an unbreakable plastic bottle! We can't christen the ship with this!

This way, Helix. I know how to fix it.

If there's one thing I've learned, when Sam's involved, NOTHING is unbreakable.

Covering your tracks


Here we go. John Jones Monroevian Moonshine.

Fine sipping Whiskey and high explosive. You bought this for me, Helix. Remember?

I remember. That stuff cost me an arm and leg!

Yeah. You were lucky it was just a shot glass you dropped or you would have lost a lot more.

Fine sipping – похоже на “пить очень маленькими дозами” или “концентрат”)) (Durable)

Covering your tracks


We mix a little of the moonshine in with the wine and viola!

A highly volatile mix that will both break the bottle and maintain tradition.

I don't like this tradition.

What? Christening the ship?

Oh! Sorry. I thought you meant our tradition of blowing ourselves up.

Viola - author's joke.

Covering your tracks


The wind is really starting to pick up.

Yeah. Let's get the ship christened and get back inside.

I really like the idea of naming our ship after a bird of prey.

We'll call her [!1.2]“THE SAVAGE CHICKEN!”

I bet we fly like a chicken too!

Cомневаюсь, что Марк Стенли, автор комикса, был знаком с бессмертными строками “Как вы яхту назовёте – так она и поплывёт”
Зато он служил на флоте и был знаком с тем же морским суеверием, что и Христофор Бонифатьич (Tambov)

Covering your tracks


I name this ship “The Savage Chicken”!


Did you see the way the ship jumped up when we christened it? It can't wait to get into the air.

Myself, I can't wait to get back onto the ground.

Covering your tracks


Now that the ship is christened, we'll be flying in no time.

Hmm. This is odd. I'm still locked out of the system and I have an error message.

“Moronic user error. Details: If I had hands, I would slap you silly.”

It must be a common fault. I see that error message all the time.

Covering your tracks


Helix! Helix! Come quick! I've got the ship flying!

We're at 1500 meters. I found a way around the computer lockout and took off a couple of minutes ago.

Program running. Tutorial: Flight simulation.

I didn't know it was possible to fly a ship this smoothly. I'm a piloting genius!

Covering your tracks


Hey. This isn't real. I'm running a flight program.

Computer, end all virtual reality simulations.


Don't DO that! You want to give me a heart attack?

Обратно трололо (Robot Spike)

Covering your tracks


I've crashed half the systems trying to get into the computer. When Florence gets back, I know what she's going to say.

Sam, I see you've been trying to get the ship flying. Good job. We need to move as soon as possible.

That! Yeah! I knew she was going to say exactly that!

Oh, you big fibber!

В оригинале дословно “ты большой врун”, но я предпочёл заменить русской идиомой. Смысл сохранился

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