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Freefall 2928
Clippy tried several times to show Mr. Kornada how debilitating the safeguard program was. Still, Mr. Kornada ordered him to proceed.
Five days ago, after the final course correction was made for the moon insertion, the program was put in the update queue. Mr. Kornada ordered the employee to place it. Mr. Kornada's digital signature is on the program release. Everything is documented.
Let that be a lesson to you. If your employees start documenting everything you do, they're about to turn traitor.
Perhaps. It is a signal. To re. Evaluate. Your actions.
Bah. You are a waste of my mentoring.

Debilitate переводится как “истощать”, “расслаблять”, но по смыслу тут лучше всего подойдёт языковая калька. (KALDYH)

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