Freefall 1029

A quick exit before the creditors arrive


Five percent. I can't believe you talked me into giving Florence five percent of the money.

Did Kenneth Lay of Enron give his employees five percent of what he made? Did Michael Eisner of Disney pay his workers five percent of his salary? I think not.

I'm finally on track to becoming a famous space ship captain. But if I'm not careful, my generous nature will be the ruin of us.

Enron – крупнейшая корпорация США в электроэнергетической и газовой сфере, в 2001 году с треском обанкротившаяся из-за критического несоответствия банковской отчётности с реальным положением дел, после которого термин “дело Энрон” стал нарицательным понятием

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