Freefall 0449

You ought to be in pictures


Those fools! Mega Mecha Godzillabot Three was never meant to work with Windows! Now it is dangerously unstable and hostile to competition!

Take my Amiga. Our only chance is for you to fly up its nose, past the protective booger bots, and reprogram its brain.

This is so bad it makes my brain hurt. What a great movie!

It's like fine Texas Chili. It burns, but it's a good kind of burn.

Сабрина из комикса Эрика Шварца Сабрина-Онлайн, по совместительству один из маскотов Амиги и, похоже, единственная няшка в этом фильме
Кен Ватанабе из комикса Эйва Вайта The Japanese Beetle

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